#ApresSkiCap 11/30/15 “Team Building, Tampons, and Treading on Tamara’s Territory!”


Elise Wims isn’t facing challenges on tonight’s “Apres Ski” because she’s black, and shouldn’t perpetuate such negative stereotypes due to skin color. Her performance struggles are due to a lack of practical and educational experience in management and communications plain and simple. As an Executive Management professional I’m speaking from a place of experience, having over 20 years in the field. Excuses and finger-pointing are deflection techniques utilized by those who would rather go down with the ship than lose an argument or admit wrongdoing. The best managers are those who are great listeners, promote the successes of their people, remain unbiased and neutral with their staff, communicate easily in a positive demeanor, and work side by side to promote teamwork and build credibility. You can’t tell your people to go roll in the mud and not be willing to get dirty beside them. The next time you answer a casting call Elise make sure you have the correct job requirements. Don’t lie to producers just to be on a 3rd Reality TV Show. It undermines your true talents as a chef and on-air correspondent per your LinkedIn resume.

elise wims2    elise wims1

Tamara Moore and Elise Wims meet for a walk and talk. Moore wants to know what happened between Elise and Jim last week. As usual Elise can’t rise above nonsense and plays the “I’m an outsider victim” card. Tamara is trying her best to coach Elise’s performance, but Wims does not how to use advice and constructive criticism by applying it to her job tasks. Elise is quick to anger and point fingers at others, without taking inventory of her own behavior. Tamara gives Elise very blatant instructions after listening to her complain. Either fix the team or people will be shuffled into different positions, or out the door. Even the overly-patient Moore has her limits reached by Wims.


Back at the office, the concierge team discusses last Sunday night’s fight between Elise and Jim. Elise comes in calmly and leads the client Skype in a professional manner without mention of the brawl. Her leadership improves during the session! The three middle-aged blonde clients coming to Gibbon’s Life are going to be high maintenance. They want “Bear-selfies” and other impossible tasks to go with their “new money” sense of entitlement. I’ll refer to them as the “Three Stooges” Larry, Moe, and Curly from now on.


The second set of clients is an attractive couple from Vancouver, Crystal, and Chris. Crystal is a member of the “Glitterati” which is just another term for bar-hoppers who Instagram while drinking. C&C want to try Bobsledding while at Whistler. Elise suggests they all meet and go on the client sledding adventure together as another attempt at team building. This is a bad idea and there will be blood. I would suggest the team spend LESS time with Elise and her Forever21 wardrobe so that more work is accomplished with less shade thrown. Kendra and Jim decide to work with C&C together as a team and they are rock stars together! Kendra and Jim have opposite skill-sets and depend on each other’s strengths during their client strategy and it’s perfect. No drama and flawless execution.


Elise Wims suprises the team by showing up at the concierge house. She tells them she will be driving to the bobsledding activity with them and immediately it is crickets. After a silent SUV ride to the sledding course the client adventure begins.  Jim takes C&C down the course and it looks insane! With extra time left Jim tells the other consierges to take a turn!  If it’s a team-building excercise you let your TEAM go Elise. You don’t take one of the spots and leave Bobby out! All Elise cares about is her own needs. Bobby is extremely upset and rightly so. Epic failure Elise. You just don’t get it. Your selfishness was at the expense of a team member and you’ve lost them all for good.


Bobby and Char remain planted firmly in Hell with the Stooges. These 3 women are all on the plus side of 50, yet have never had a period? Apparently the bumpy bus ride the ladies experienced on the way to a private snowmobiling experience has caused them to come down with “the curse.” Yet not one of them has a tampon is their over-size fake LV handbags? Poor Charlotte has to take one for the team and handle the Tampon tragedy.

womens studies by bravo


Thank goodness some Mountain birds called “Whiskey Jacks” have decided to fly down and play on Larry, Moe, and Curly’s big hair, mistaking the coifs as their Winter nesting grounds. The feathered friends flicked a switch in these spoiled broads and smiles began to form on their seriously Botoxed faces. Bob and Char followed that act with a few rounds of 100% proof booze on the “Shot-ski” for the Stooges, and all was well! I’m proud of Bobby and Charlotte for remaining professional with such challenging clients.

Meanwhile back at HQ’s Jim Sced has decided to make a power play for Elise Wim’s job, but makes a critical error. Instead of going up the chain of command to the next in charge, Tamara Moore CEO, he heads straight over her head to owner Joey Gibbons. Jim tells Gibbons that Tamara hasn’t been around to discuss the challenges of Elise Wims management style. Hmmmmm?? Gibbons promises Sced he will discuss his concerns TOMORROW with Tamara? If Tamara Moore was scheduled to be in the Gibbon’s Life office the next day Jim, why did you speak to Joey Gibbons? If I were Tamara I would be extremely angry with Jim’s arrogant move. He has every reason to be concerned with Elise, but should have let Tamara handle it.


Joey Gibbons speaks to Tamara the next morning about Jim’s concerns. Joey wants a happy nucleus in his Gibbon’s Life team and instructs, Tamara, to do whatever needs to be done. Joey has no patience for negative influencers sinking his company and wants a quick resolution. Can I interject that in my first Apres Ski blog I stated Elise Wims would need to be replaced? She’s that toxic. Tamara is upset with Jim for going to Joey instead of her, but will deal with him later in a professional manner. That’s what real managers do!

jim bc1

Tamara Moore is on hand for the concierge team’s Sunday meeting. She opens the floor to discussion about the group’s challenges inviting feedback from everyone. Tamara compliments Elise stating the clients were happy to begin the meeting. Bobby Crowder brings up the bobsledding incident. Instead of accepting responsibility for taking Bobby’s spot, Elise blamed Kendra because she was working. Jim disagreed telling Elise she put herself first, not her team. This is all it takes for Elise Wims to completely lose her shit and begin a personal attack against Jim Sced. Tamara tries to diffuse Elise’s outburst but is ignored by Wims. Her victim card is always ready to be played whenever her performance is called into question.


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1 Comment on #ApresSkiCap 11/30/15 “Team Building, Tampons, and Treading on Tamara’s Territory!”

  1. buckqjohnson // December 3, 2015 at 4:08 am // Reply

    Your so right, she is the perpetual victim and doesn’t know how to take criticism. But in regard to Jim going over Tamara and seeing the Owner its a power play alright but not really for Elise. You see he threw Tamara under the bus saying she was never around for them to discuss these issues. He wants the CEO job and jumping over both those ladies to the owner to get at it. Trying to assure him that I will look over your company don’t worry.

    If Tamara is smart she wouldn’t give him no promotion and at best give it to someone else and/or give Elise another chance and get her head into the game. Because Elise isn’t the goal she is the distraction, Tamara your job is the goal and having him one step closer to you like that is dangerous.


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