#BelowDeck Reunion Part #2 “The Bitch By Bravo Top 10 Moments”

This is my last “Below Deck” recap of the year unless Rocky gets committed or I find evidence of Eddie Lucas creepin’ again. This season’s cast was amazing with the exception of Rocky who can go back to #Frankenfood or #Wipeout and leave the “Stud Of The Sea” alone. Enjoy these “Bitch By Bravo” favorite moments from tonight’s #BelowDeckReunion finale!

  1. Captain Lee’s name is Harold. I will continue to call him Captain or SOTS (Stud Of The Sea) because I can and Harold doesn’t do the “Silver Fox” justice. Am I right Mrs. Lee?



2. Connie can make a bikini out of any condiment or spread. Candy can also be used in a pinch!


cb     3. Rocky thinks Captain Lee plays favorites. Sane people on yachts call that observing rank and the chain of command asshat.

stunt double for toilets

4. Kate and Ben will one day marry and give birth to adorable baby “Benletts” which will immediately be sent to boarding school in Hong Kong. Ben Jr is a hit with the Kindergarten set!

Baby BK


5. Rocky was taking direction from producers and proved it with tonight’s Twitter feed. I believe I reported this several weeks ago, but I’m not one to brag. That’s what BravoTV does….they plant RealityTV veterans or desperate wanna-be actors to make drama anyway they can. We see you silly wascals!! Wahaha!!



6. According to Eddie, he only lasts “a few seconds.” That’s like announcing on National Television that you will never get laid again! EVER.

infidelity by bravo


7. Rocky’s psychotic behavior is the stuff of “Bunny Boiler” legend! Look at Twitter tonight and see how she threw her crew mates under the bus. I think she truly is Glen Close’s daughter and DNA swabs should be taken stat. Fatal Attraction much?

Fatal Reaction Rocky


8. #SybilOfTheSeas will forever be Raquel Dakota’s best self-descriptor hashtag……..and it’s hysterical.


Rockys truth


9. OOPSIE!! Rocky you just told everyone during the reunion that you DID know Eddie had a girlfriend during filming!! That makes you equally an asshole when it comes to playing “Hide the Bologna.”  You played the victim and that shoe doesn’t fit Cinderella. Nice try!


10. Best News EVER!! Preview of #BelowDeckMeditteranean starring our fave British panty-dropping sex magnet Chef Ben Robinson!! Thank-you Yeezus!! I LOVE This Franchise Bitchlets!!



Cheers Lovelies as Ben would say, and see you on the Med!!


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11 Comments on #BelowDeck Reunion Part #2 “The Bitch By Bravo Top 10 Moments”

  1. Also? I’m so bummed Eddie quit. He really needs another season to redeem himself, and a chance to bring back the Eddie we know and love, post-Hurricaine Rocky.


  2. Just watching Part 2 of the reunion again… Gawd, I miss Below Deck. Rocky’s BEST FRIEND was that surly turd Leon, and she knew him how many weeks? Has anyone else noticed that Leon has two Twitter accounts (@starchefleon and @leon160371), but he claims one of them (@starchefleon) was started by and is run by Bravo, and not him? And that Rocky tweets to BOTH? Wow, those two must be really close. No wonder she had to jump ship to swim after him. #besties #BFFBS


  3. #SybilOfTheSeas #RIP “Crocky Dakota”

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  4. Love your blog.U get to the point in such a comical way.Say what all think.

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  5. wonderbreaddots // December 2, 2015 at 3:07 pm // Reply

    Love your recaps!

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  6. Another awesome/funny recap, you are the Queen of blogs!
    Rocky is such a liar – She sent a message to Leon after he left, in one part of the message she said something like – F**k that Bi**h (meaning Kate) and that she was going to stick it up her butt, which appears to have been deleted. It seems that is exactly what she is trying to do at the Reunion, so sad, nice try Rock! I think she may have LBD (Lying Brat Disorder). I really hope she is not on the next season.

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  7. Thanks for blocking me on twitter, huge wake up call. You are a great writer, take care of yourself and I wish you all the success !!!!

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  8. . #SybilOfTheSeas I will never call her by her given name-nickname ever again
    when she isn’t on deck next season she will be all but a faded memory
    They didn’t kiss he should be thankful !!!
    Eddie isn’t an older guy is he ?


  9. Outstanding, BBB! Looks like Emile wanted more money if the producers wanted him to kiss SybilBytheSea, lol. No wonder he got hammered on their date!

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