#BelowDeck Star #SybilOfTheSea aka Raquel Dakota’s Twitter Spiral Post Reunion Pt.2 Left Fans Shocked! I’ve Said It All Season,”Bitch Is A Bunny-Boiler With Multiple Personalities.”

Butterflies By Bravo

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota fans on social media are a unique breed of idiots. There are some that only want to see the good in people and spread positivity because they do that as a rule with all human beings. I’m going to give those folks a pass and a high-five. Keep being you. Then there are the true Rocky fans who for some strange reason find her narcissistic, dramatic, fame-whorish, shit-stirring, blame-shifting existence aboard the Eros something to love and aspire to. What the hell is wrong with you? Is this how you were raised? Does #SybilOfTheSea remind you of you? Let’s try this, it’s a little thing called logic. Say you owned the Eros and were in charge of the people you brought aboard. Would you want experienced professionals to ensure your investment was protected and that the safety of those on board was never in question? Or would you want someone who lied about experience to get the job, created animosity among the crew, tried to sabotage meals, didn’t wash her hands & licked her fingers when preparing food for others, had sex in the laundry room while on duty, jumps off the boat & leaves for 7 hours while working, bad mouths her superiors, encourages anarchy, flirts with guests instead of working, cries to daddy or whoever will listen because the job is too hard, and would rather call attention to herself than lift a finger to do the job she was paid to do? I’m going to guess if you are a sane person you would find this worker lacking and FIRE her ass! Way to pick a winner Rocky fans.

decisions by bravo

During part 2 of the “Below Deck Reunion” show, little #SybilOfTheSea realized her 15 minutes of fame were almost up! That is the worst thing in the world that can happen to a narcissist who enjoys being on TV in any capacity she can create.

Frankenfood Rocky  rocky bartlow bd  rocky bartlow 2bd

In her final moments of the Below Deck spotlight dance, little Sybil decides an epic twitter rant is needed. She published private phone messages between one of her seven known personalities and her individual castmates. Sadly this type of behavior is to be expected from a sociopathic narcissist who refuses to stay on her prescribed medication. What did Dakota hope to accomplish besides feeding her own huge ego? Was she still channeling her mother Alex from “Fatal Attraction” and trying to cause Eddie and his girlfriend more pain?

guilt by bravo

Rockys mom Fatal Reaction Rocky

Eddie Lucas quit Twitter and the show after the reunion’s second part aired this week. Coincidence? No way. When #SybilOfTheSea feels hurt she must hurt others in return. Her emotional growth as an adult seems to have peaked at age 17. She left the Eros with no friends and a visual resume that will be prohibitive when searching for her next job. I hope her family steps in and gets her the help she needs. Until then she will continue to cause destruction wherever she lands.

Check out her tweets:

First one is between #SOTS and Emile. Sybil is trying to persuade Emile to go along with production requests for drama. Remember in one of my previous postings I identified Raquel Dakota of #BelowDeck and Elise Wims of #ApresSki as seasoned Reality TV vets placed by producers to feed storylines/drama through? This text 100% proves that point on #BelowDeck. I’m sure 51 Minds productions made Rocky remove these texts from her Twitter page.



She then turned on stewardess Amy Johnson pointing out this private conversation.



#SOTS/Rocky planned long before the reunion to take Eddie down with her private messages and was obviously encouraged by 51 Minds along the way. Too bad we lost a great Bosun on the series and his reputation is in tatters over his very poor judgement and taste in women.



Until Next Season……..


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11 Comments on #BelowDeck Star #SybilOfTheSea aka Raquel Dakota’s Twitter Spiral Post Reunion Pt.2 Left Fans Shocked! I’ve Said It All Season,”Bitch Is A Bunny-Boiler With Multiple Personalities.”

  1. BBB, you nailed it once again. It gives me peace of mind to have someone else so eloquently and thoroughly address not only this clown, but her defenders. Are there any other texts she posted, besides these ones with Emile and Amy? The Eddie one has been out for a while. I’m sure 51Minds would love to ask her back, since she caused 99% of the chaos on the show, but I’m hoping that her posting these things — accusing the producers of trying to stage drama through behind the scenes commands — will seal her fate. How dumb can you be? She must be trying to make it seem like she wasn’t such an ass; it was the producers told her to do those things. Meanwhile, she’s also undermining the authenticity of the show. What a dumbass. Get some rest, Rocky. You’ve been working too hard.

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  2. No one will work with that but so I can’t imagine them bringing her back.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You are spot on about this heifer. Nuttier than a can of planters peanuts. I’m glad her 15 mins of “crazy” is overy but I so wish someone would take her down a notch & you are cleverly doing it justice.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. BBB where did you find the info that Eddie quit the show? I’m just curious george, I missed that. Did Bravo announce it? Thank you! 🙂


  5. She is nuttier than I thought. Is it possible that she faked some of these massages? She absolutely knew Eddie had a girlfriend since the beginning. Remember in one of the first few episodes she asked Eddie if he had a girlfriend, Eddie said yes! She then asked him what she did for a living and he told her rock climbing instructor. She later told Amy she wanted Eddie so bad! Also – she calls out people for being mean on Twitter and she retweeted a response on Dec 1 that said Capt. Lee if a dick…, that is so WRONG…he is a great person! She is so vindictive! She really is into herself, always posting videos of herself dancing or looking into the camera, this girl is just crazy town.


  6. The differences between the various formatting of all 3 texts messages proves that not all 3 are legit


  7. You have SOTS pegged ,she is a scum Eddie quit WTF ?
    If they have her on again I can’t watch she is disgusting and I do not usually cut on women but she is a pig she knew eddie was in a relationship
    a self absorbed girl who wants what is already taken women like her are a dime a dozen I have some ex friends like her that act just like her

    Liked by 1 person

  8. BitchbyBravo I repeated the name #Sybiloftheseas on Stoopidhousewives in a comment and people said it is a good 1,so I had to post a comment about you coming up with the name to give you credit and how U need to trademark it as it is too funny but of course 1 of her rabid fans had to down vote it LMAO !!!


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