UPDATE! #RHOBH Yolanda Foster’s Illness(es) May Be Caused By the 2-Foot Tapeworms She Discusses on a Preview Clip for Tuesday’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?”

New Photos from Tonight's Bravo Party Added!

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(Above photos from a Bravo Party in Beverly Hills tonight via Daily Mail. Yolanda Foster appears to be recovered after giant tapeworm removed from her body 6 months ago at the beginning of filming!)

She’s GLOWING with Health!

During Monday’s premiere episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” there is a scene between Yolanda Foster and Cody Simpson’s mother Angie discussing the many treatments Yolanda has had. Her floor to ceiling wall of pills is downright scary. In the preview clip below for next week’s #RHOBH Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna pay a visit to the deathly looking Foster who reveals some pretty interesting health information! She had recently gotten rid of a MAJOR internal parasite infection. By her own description, Yolanda Foster had worms in her body that were 2 FEET long. For the parasites to reach such extremely long lengths they must have remained in the host’s body for months if not years.



Yolanda Foster was first treated for Lyme disease in 2010 with powerful antibiotics and other drugs yet never improved? The symptoms of a severe parasite infection are very similar to that of Lyme.

Symptoms of Worms in Humans

1. Tapeworm Infection

Tapeworms are acquired via water and food that are contaminated with the larvae and eggs of the tapeworm. If you consume the eggs of the tapeworm, they tend to move away from the intestinal area and develop into cysts in the organs and other tissues of the body. This is known as an invasive tapeworm infection. Ingestion of the tapeworm larvae will cause them to grow into mature tapeworms.


The symptoms of a tapeworm infection depend on the type of infection and whether it is intestinal or invasive. Here are the symptoms of a tapeworm infection according to the location:

Intestinal Tapeworms:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Malabsorption of nutrients from food
  • Weight Loss
  • Weakness and Fatigue

Invasive Tapeworm:

  • Neurological Symptoms/Seizures
  • Fever
  • Masses or Lumps/Cysts
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Allergic Reactions to Tapeworm Larvae

I refuse to post photos of the different worms as they are too graphic for my taste. LA is a hotbed for these infections as so many restaurants serve “raw” juices and “Organic” products without people knowing just how dangerous some of these foods can be if improperly handled or ingested. Yolanda just discovered her parasite infection during filming of #RHOBH a few months ago. These worms could have been ravaging her body for years if not longer. Hopefully, her children and David have been tested for parasites too as the transmission is possible.


I need a break and a raise……….


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23 Comments on UPDATE! #RHOBH Yolanda Foster’s Illness(es) May Be Caused By the 2-Foot Tapeworms She Discusses on a Preview Clip for Tuesday’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?”

  1. Gross! wth?

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  2. I want to know what she did with that gigantic syringe in her hand. She looks so excited at the prospect!

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    • Those were stem cells and maybe some worm eggs? Joke…..stem cells.

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    • The strangest things happen to this woman if she is to be believed. The cow sucking on her thumb and a two foot tapeworm that no US doctor discovered during the 4,569,21 tests which showed nothing. If she does have a worm, she probably put it there during one of her Asian treatments.

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      • OK calm the gross factor of what I’m going to tell you. There is a Russian website that sells Tapeworm eggs for weight loss. It wouldn’t surprise me if she gave them to her “model daughters” to stay thin. It’s very hard in the US as a person of such high means to get a tapeworm

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        • donewithbravo // December 4, 2015 at 7:44 pm // Reply

          bbb: Having worked in the diet/nutrition industry, I could tell you that this is true. I knew about orange juice soaked cotton balls before the news media told the public about it. I’ve heard of so many sick, sick things that models and people would do just to lose weight!!
          As far as Yoyo goes: Seriously, how could we believe ANYTHING this wacko has to say???? She lied about so, so, so many things. I strongly believe that she’s menopausal now (she probably was perimenopausal 4 years ago and assumed that “something was very wrong”), and she’s suffering from depression over the “embarrassment” of losing her beloved “my love”, David. THAT’S IT. I’m disgusted by reading and hearing her pleas for help when she’s freakin’ fine (physically, that is). And to have this be the new storyline? What a joke!

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          • the thing Done is she could of done the worm thing years ago and was told the worm would expel itself and it never did,to stay skinny women do some crazy crap
            I have noticed that she has since gained weight if it is the case she had a worm it would of robbed her body of nutrients she would of needed to function and could of been the very thing to make her that sick malnutrition ..
            I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been cured and then her and King David get back together here is hoping a happy ending LOL
            It is just craZy what she has done to herself all for Fame Not A Cure ….


            • donewithbravo // December 11, 2015 at 9:41 pm // Reply

              rox: I DO believe she could have done that, but I wholeheartedly believe that David is done with her. She’s a famewhore who wants her 3 little chickies to have fame too. She’d do anything for that, obviously. Just from things she’s said in the past that I’ve heard or read, like the fact that she did the lemon cleanse weekly, is such poor, unhealthy dieting!!! It’s dangerous. So is doing a colonic more than a few times a year! It’s a form of bulemia. Sick and sad.

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              • it is she !!! she should then be making out her will !!
                Bulemia is a sad ,but you R right it is . WoW she is a nut
                Yeah I think david is done with her also she accomplished what she set out 2 do ,good 4 her twisted really twisted

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                • donewithbravo // December 12, 2015 at 7:26 pm // Reply

                  Yeah, I think that David was done with her as soon as he caught on to her crazy side. He played along nicely until she was settled enough to let him go. He’s not a sweetie either though. This left me feeling so icky about them all. 😦

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                  • She became ill immediately after marrying David. She portrayed herself as the ultimate romantic Hollywood wife to him and vowed to cater to his ego & every need. As soon as the ring was on she got ill. She’s sick in her mind & killing herself with unapproved treatments & worms…..


                    • donewithbravo // December 13, 2015 at 6:39 pm //

                      I saw where Yo mentioned the worm thing and Eileen said, “Like they usually find when you do a colonic?” and Yo appeared to look like she was caught. Eileen doesn’t appear to be stupid. I’m sure it was already adding up in her head. Her heart is just mushy.

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        • I remember seeing a programme where the Victorians did this regularly to lose weight. It was disgusting.

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  3. Hello everybody.

    This is my first time posting here, so if I screw up, concerning the rules, just let me know.

    As a kid, I used to sit around and look at my mother’s and grandfather’s medical books. I loved the really gross parts, like parasites and skin diseases.

    I’m far from an expert, but if my memory is correct, there are really very few parasitic worms that can grow to 2 feet.

    And I have to agree that a tapeworm is most likely. They can grow to be 30 feet long inside a human body.

    I’m probably older than most here, but a few decades ago, it wasn’t unusual for those who were modeling, to ingest a tapeworm to keep their weight down.
    They were available world wide, and you could even order them through the mail.
    I wonder if YF tried something like this for weight control, in her “modeling” days.

    I have a problem with the Lymes Disease diagnoses

    Along with other things mentioned here, my biggest reason is, according to CDC 2012 state statistics, only 61 people were diagnosed with Lymes.

    That’s 61 people out of 36 million.

    And Yolanda and her kids are 3, out of that 61??? In the entire state?

    I think the odds are better that she gets lost at sea, when the big one comes, and Cali falls into the ocean.

    I’m not buying it.

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    • Hi Ches- You are welcome here! I hate to say she’s lying about Lyme disease, but her symptoms could be a number of things and/or a combination. A tapeworm that is several feet long by her own description has been sapping her nutrients and health for years can mirror neurological disorders. Her experimental drugs/treatments aren’t helping either IMO

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    • I watched season 1-5 on Hulu Plus of the RHoBH and caught a couple lies from YoYo so her to say she is always truthful is an understatement sorry for long post

      I agree I ? her having Lymes’ and I have 2 close friends who were blood tested to have Lymes’
      I have gotten ticks on me that have had to be removed at urgent care from Morel Mushroom hunting here in Wisc.

      when I got a blood test it came back inconclusive ,not normal what YoYo claimed at a lyme award ceremony but still says she has Lymes’ 2013

      She claims she can Not read,write. watch TV .drive and then she became a USA citizen in 2014 don’t you have to take a test ? which I heard is harder than what we have to learn in History class in school

      Doc told me inconclusive is almost same as saying you have just a couple of markers are ?able so they treated me any way.. but since I have MS,Fibro ,DDD and scoliosis of the spine it really is hard to say
      When I feel like crap last thing I want is my pic put out there for any reason when you feel like crap it comes across in pics

      I just do not see the real pain in her eyes that comes with chronic pain and suffering so she is either lying or very strong but to have been suffering as long as she claims it wears you down to nothing !!

      Liked by 2 people

      • donewithbravo // December 4, 2015 at 7:50 pm // Reply

        rox: Love your comments and I adore you! Hugs to you for all that you continually deal with! You nailed it———I don’t see any illness in her eyes either!! You and I both know what that looks like. I see a scammer and a scheming/lying person. As you said, when I’m feeling bad (with my chronic illness), I’m in bed, I’m throwing up, I have a vomit bucket and washcloth next to me, I have a tray of Rx’s, I’m in a dark room, and there’s NO communication–no phone/pics, etc……….. I’d never take a half-naked pic of myself, noting my medical woes! Just weird! She’s very “off” to me.

        Liked by 1 person

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