#ApresSki Is Elise Wims Getting Fired on Tonight’s Episode? Joey Gibbons of #GibbonsLife and CEO Tamara Moore Issue A Warning (Preview Clip)


I’m guessing Elise Wims is getting fired tonight. In a conversation to discuss Wim’s performance, Owner Joey Gibbons and CEO Tamara Moore open with the issue of respect. Tamara feels that if Elise is having a bad day she will sometimes come across as disrespectful and rude. That’s all it took. Wims let loose and threw Tamara under the bus. Joey Gibbons is not impressed.


Elise has also taken to Twitter to throw shade at her castmates resulting in being blocked by Tamara Moore.



Wims also commented to me on Twitter regarding a conversation I was having with Tamara Moore 2 weeks ago. The timing to me implies that tonight is most likely her last episode of #ApresSki. Is Elise a good manager? Should she have taken this job? Sound off!




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17 Comments on #ApresSki Is Elise Wims Getting Fired on Tonight’s Episode? Joey Gibbons of #GibbonsLife and CEO Tamara Moore Issue A Warning (Preview Clip)

  1. Let me tell you something, I just discovered Apres Ski this week. Slice had a 7 show run last night and I was really unimpressed with Elise. Unimpressed? I’m being nice. I watched her behavior and HAD to ask myself if this show is scripted because if I owned that company and she pulled the kind of shit she pulled on the FIRST episode she wouldn’t have had time to pack her bags because her clothes would have been out the window. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Let’s get real, this chick has NO people skills…ZERO!!! She’s obnoxious, smug, accusatory and just plain rude. How did she fool people into thinking she could handle a job like that? She keeps talking about how much she grew!! Honey how can you grow when all you do is point fingers at everyone else? Tamara has it going on, she could have learned a lot that would have been beneficial to her career moving forward, but she just f***ed it up with her pissy attitude. That girl needs to take a step back and think about her behavior. When you have 10 people telling you you have a problem Elise, JUST MAYBE you have a problem! Is tghat not even a remote possibility? Or is everyone else wrong and your right? When you walked out of Tamara’s office you said you were fired because you “didn’t fit in and no one liked you” YA THINK? Didn’t you ask yourself why? It was all a conspiracy right Elise? They all ganged up on poor Elise? Oh please girl, just go back to the States and leave us alone. Did you not see yourself on TV when Kendra’s (is that her name? I’m not sure) grandmother died? With your face all pinched up and your attitude shooting daggers? You need an attitude adjustment because your success thus far was more about first impressions, you will not be successful in lifer with the kind of attitude you displayed on Apres Ski. Now granted maybe it was a performance, I don’t know because these reality shows are awfully over the top, and if it was a performance or an “acting” job I will ask for your forgiveness. I am truly sorry for being so opinionated based on fiction. But if that was real and your behavior was really how you act, then honey I have nothing else to say to you. Oh, wait, I do…what a pathetic example for your son.


  2. Two with a view // December 14, 2015 at 9:45 am // Reply

    Elise needs to be gone, it is obvious she is out if her league and dosnt understand how the sanbox works, its fine to be strong and demonstrate that in your personality, but you cant lead a group of any kind with no heart and compassion.

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  3. Elise cannot seem to control her defensive actions. She very much likes to try to point out what she percieves as other peoples faults, but mostly though she cannot clearly see when she is at fault. concerning anything. How can she attempt to manage others when she most absolutely cannot manage her own actions.

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  4. I think the bottom line is it just doesn’t work. Elise I’m sure is very talented and a great manager in her specialized industry(food/service) but concierge work in an environment she’s unfimaiilar and totally new ball game what did they expect? Whistler is it’s own world with its own set of rules and she isn’t playing by them. I think it’s a waste of everyone’s time she needs to go home to her heart. And they need to hire jim and Lyndsay as team leaders. Also side note(don’t give up on kendra guys some of the toughest nuts to Crack are the best once they open up) she’s an asset to the team 🙂

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  5. Yes – Randy Haas, I mean you. I promise I won’t stalk you. Ya’ll are just so funny!


  6. I was actually shocked and evenly pleasantly surprised to see a different softer side of Elise last night. It’s unfortunate that Elise didn’t use her time to learn from Tamra. Tamra is an AMAZING ‘leader’. She is the type of leader every manage should strive to be! Joey is VERY lucky to have her on his team! 👍

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  7. Great blog. Elise seems very confused to me. She can be nice when she needs to be but incredibly rude and with attitude towards peers. I think it is time for her to go. Maybe she will learn from this. She needs to keep these episodes and learn from them.

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  8. I agree with BitchbyBravo –
    What is with these Reality TV people placed in real jobs? They all exhibit the same traits…lack of self-awareness, always placing the blame on others, tantrums and playing the victim. Elise gets so explosive! She always says how hard she works and takes credit for how well she did instead of giving full credit to “The Team”. It’s ruining the shows!
    PS: Bitchby Bravo – I love the way you interact with your followers on twitter, so entertaining, the guy named Randy is really funny too!

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  9. If they don’t fire elise, it’s very poor marketing at this point on the company’s part. Who will want to pay for a luxury experience with an asshole manager? I’m a big fan of bravo shows and dissapointed this went how it did. I know they need drama but my god, the company is starting to look stupid because they are leaving a very I’ll equipped and rude manager in place. Have ypu seen how she talks to clients?

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  10. When someone doesn’t see the crappie attitude they have even when others try to point it out to you then it’s time for you to go..

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  11. It is clear Elise was not mentored effectively. Knowing how to navigate political waters in ANY industry; especially as a woman, is mission critical. Once/if she figures out how to play well and get along with other’s, she’ll make a great operations manager. Maturation will help-she/they still have a lot to learn and discover about leadership.

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  12. Thank you so much for the scoop and the snapshots of your conversation! I always love getting the dirt here first! 🙂

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