#KUWTK Told Ya So! Tyga & Kylie Break-Up: Kylie Jenner Parties With A$AP Rocky in Miami Friday Night During #ArtBasel, #Tyga Won’t Mention Her Name Today on Yahoo!

I loved A$AP Rocky until Friday night. That’s when the photos came in of Kylie Jenner and her Kindergarten squad chasing the rapper at #ArtBasel in Miami! They attended a private dinner at the Dream Hotel in the city. Kylie sat next to him and the two appeared to be flirting. The barely legal Queen of #Snapchat and lip fillers is a huge rapper groupie. Now that Tyga’s career has died due to dating the then underage Jenner, Kylie’s looking for her own version of Kanye West.

asap3(Photo Courtesy of E! News)

Tyga and Kylie Jenner haven’t been seen together in over a week. Way too long for the needy teen not to have a man to obsess over. That’s where A$AP comes into the picture. Partying around Miami with an “under the drinking age Kardashian” is fun for Rocky who can have any girl he wants (Former girlfriend is super model Chanel Iman)

Of courseTyga isn’t taking his replacement well at all. He thought he had the teen where he wanted her, and her money within his grasp. Guess Pimp Mama Kris gave Kyles Tyga’s W2 for 2015 and the wayward teen saw the big negative number in the income column. Being an 18-year-old stepmother isn’t really up Kylie’s alley either. She hates sharing playtime with Tyga’s son King Cairo age 3.

Tyga spoke to Yahoo Online today and had ZERO to say about Kylie Jenner!


Tyga Talks Kylie Jenner, Pet Tigers, & Paparazzi

December 7, 2015

Tyga might be mega-famous right now as the on-off boyfriend of the most popular Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie, but he won’t comment on their relationship status, or on anything related to KJ. “Let’s go to the next question,” he tells host Nick Axelrod in this episode of I Yahoo’d Myself. He won’t say a word, “unless you’re going to pay for it,” he jokes. How much? “Priceless.” Aww…

The rapper has plenty of other things on his mind: making new music (“I’ve recreated a whole new sound: crack wave,” he says), overseeing his Los Angeles boutique Last Kings, and raising an adorable son, King Cairo, with his ex Blac Chyna. Oh, and he’s filming the next season of his MTV reality show Kingin With Tyga.

Given that full plate, it’s no wonder he has a tough time remembering the name of his former pet tiger. (Who has a tiger as a pet? Tyga.) He has to ask someone from his crew for some help. Watch the video above to find out his name, plus Tyga’s damn good inspirational catch phrase. Is Tyga the next Oprah? MAYBE.

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Tyga and Kylie’s Relationship


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  1. Wish Elise from Apres Ski would go away and take ALL of the Kardoucheians with her…Please please!!!

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