#ApresSki Elise Wim’s Bravo Blog and Her Problem With Kendra Larkin…


Elise Wims: The Kendra Support Fund Was Bankrupt

Elise Wims talks about the lack of support from her colleagues and how she was feeling toward Kendra.

Bravotv.com: When your son came to visit, how long had it been since you saw him last? Was it fun to be able to show your family around?

Elise Wims: I hadn’t seen CJ since I left for Whistler. It was fun to show him around and expose him to a place so undiverse. My aunt Mary enjoyed herself as well. She said she’d never been in a place that was so below casual fashion-wise.
Bravotv.com: Kendra thought you were acting cold toward her when she said her grandmother died. What was your take on the situation?

EW: I wasn’t acting cold. Quite frankly, at that point the Kendra support fund was bankrupt from insufficient funds. You know, overdrawn? Lack of deposits. Tired of the one-sided relationship. Where I give…she takes…and doesn’t reciprocate. Anyone real can feel me on that.

Bravotv.com: Were you nervous to go in to talk to Joey and Tamara? How did you think the meeting went overall?

EW: I wasn’t nervous. I was at peace. I gave it my best effort. And at that point I realised with all the favoritism going on–the one-sided conversations with Tamara, the lack of support from upper management, and them allowing the disrespect towards me–that it was only a matter of time before things were going to come to a head. Honestly, I realised this back in week three or so when Tamara undermined my authority creating a bigger gap for the free-for-all behavior. I thought they’d, at least, pretend to be fair and hear me out. But they didn’t even do that. Cant say I’m surprised, though.

C’mon Elise! Quit blaming others when you fail. You didn’t have the qualifications necessary to manage at the executive level, yet you signed on the Bravo dotted line to pick-up a paycheck. This isn’t your field of expertise, not do you have any passion for the work. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You excel in the kitchen doing what you LOVE, cooking! Go get that chef’s hat back on and show the world the arena you are “The Boss” in. Top Chef could be next……

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3 Comments on #ApresSki Elise Wim’s Bravo Blog and Her Problem With Kendra Larkin…

  1. She really is clueless & delusional. She has very limited social skills. No wonder she’s a cook. She needs to stay in the the back in the kitchen not interacting with people.

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  2. Wow -Elise is showing who she really is…not a very nice person. I just saw that tweet!

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