#RHOBH Yolanda Foster’s Obscure Medical Treatments Cost Ex-Husband David Big Money!! Did He Divorce Yolanda To Avoid Paying For Further Care?

How Much Does Her Lyme Treatment Cost?



On tonight’s #RHOBH we get a glimpse at Yolanda Foster’s medicine closet. It is a staggering amount to treat a multitude of illnesses. Yolanda lives in David’s condo with minor child Anwar Hadid, and a nurse? Foster discloses tonight she has been suffering from a 2-foot tapeworm that infested her intestines.


On Instagram yesterday Foster posted pictures of medicine vials with the names of her and her children on them. If you look closely you can see Bella Hadid’s birthdate has been incorrectly printed! The doctor who prescribed these injections isn’t from Beverly Hills. He’s from Sarah Palin’s hometown of Wasilla Alaska and his name is Dr. Ty Vincent. Dr.Vincent prescribes the Foster/Hadid’s a controversial new treatment for Lyme called “LDI.” More about Vincent below:

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and grew up in Wasilla, Alaska from age 2 onward.  I went from kindergarten through high school in Wasilla, and I’ve seen incredible change in the Mat-Su Valley since then.

I had 2 wonderful children before beginning medical school with a third at the end of the first year.  I’m up to six now, and family is extremely important to my wife and me.  I worked in restaurants during and after college from 1993 to 1998 as a dishwasher, busser, waiter and manager.  I worked as a nurse aide at Providence Hospital as well from 1996 to 1998.

I have lots of “life experience”, working and going to school full-time while having small children at home; at times working 2 jobs to support my family.  I have been on food stamps, WIC, Denali Kidcare and other sources of government assistance and am extremely sensitive to the cost of medical care and the financial situation of my patients.  I routinely save people money by finding cheaper (and safer) alternatives to expensive prescription drugs, avoiding the need for expensive tests and procedures, and often helping them get better overall; which reduces their health care costs overall.

I have had an intense interest in complementary and alternative medicine since before attending medical school, reading two of Andrew Weil’s books in 1997.  I have continued to ask difficult questions about health and wellness and pursue the answers in many directions, with ongoing education efforts.  I learn something useful nearly every day and I always encourage my patients to check back with me repeatedly with their questions.  I have found that listening to my patients is one of the best ways to learn; I encourage you to tell me anything you think is relevant and ask me any question you can think of.

I am a scientist at my core, and it amazes me just how UN-scientific modern American medicine really is!  Most doctors will usually tell you that what you eat has little to do with your illness or symptoms, and almost never really address diet with a patient as a means to correct their problem.  They are also trained to believe that taking vitamins is of no use and may actually be harmful, so they discourage the practice without really understanding the issue.  Possibly worst of all, conventional doctors have no training in understanding the effects of environmental toxins or heavy metals and what to do about them.  It’s not their fault, but rather the fault of the current medical education system which is largely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.  My colleagues frequently comment to me that my methods don’t conform to the accepted ‘standard of care’, and I generally respond ‘that’s because my standards are much higher than that.’

I have devoted years to studying nutrition and other methods of natural healing, always with a firm grounding in science and scrutiny of the available literature.  If you mention a therapy or supplement that I don’t know anything about I will not tell you it is bad, rather I will ask you to bring me any literature you have on it and try to learn as much as possible before giving my opinion.  I have frequently had patients give me information on things I knew nothing about, and tell me new information about things I thought I knew well.

It did not take long for me to become disenchanted with conventional medicine and treating symptoms with drugs.  The standard approach to medicine in the U.S. usually does not address the cause of illness at all, and often makes it worse over time.  I am devoted to finding the underlying cause of a person’s illness and correcting it in the most natural, harmless and cost-effective way possible.  My role is to investigate, educate and encourage each person toward their health and wellness goals with appropriate intervention and treatment where necessary.  I love a challenge, and my favorite thing to hear is:  “I’ve been to 5 different doctors and none of them can figure out what’s wrong with me!”.

My Phone: 907-357-2322 Fax: 907-357-2397

Dr.Vicent’s LDI Treatment : http://www.aaemconference.com/fall/workshop1.php

yo no


Radar Online reported on the “Fighting Fosters” earlier today.

Just one week after Yolanda and David Foster announced their split, it’s already getting nasty! RadarOnline.com has learned that David is trying to bounce Yolanda from his bachelor pad condo, and she doesn’t want to go.

An insider told Radar that the blonde beauty, 51, is currently living in her estranged husband’s bachelor pad, and “David wants her out so he can move back in. He is spending a lot of money he doesn’t have staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills. Yolanda is refusing to move out and is claiming she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“The condo has one of David’s favorite pianos to work on, and she won’t allow him access to it for work purposes,” the source claimed. “They are no longer speaking, and only communicating through lawyers.”

They announced their intention to divorce last week, but their attorneys are hoping to hammer out a settlement, and will file once that is completed, the source said.

Meanwhile, Radar reported the former model is telling friends she is broke since the separation with David, 65.

“The only income Yolanda currently has is from her ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid,” the source previously told Radar, “and he is no longer obligated to give her any support. Out of the goodness of Mohamed’s heart, he is helping out the mother of his three children.”

Meanwhile, David “doesn’t want the divorce and breakdown of their relationship to play out in press interviews and on the show. Yolanda doesn’t care what David wants, and has nothing to hide,” the insider added.

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5 Comments on #RHOBH Yolanda Foster’s Obscure Medical Treatments Cost Ex-Husband David Big Money!! Did He Divorce Yolanda To Avoid Paying For Further Care?

  1. I hate to break it to this arsehole, but both my husband and my son work in a major inner city teaching hospital, and medicine is NOT run by drug companies, that is absurd. If this nit wit were actually a doctor her would know that all vitamins and supplements are excreted through the kidneys and even one multivitamin has components that the body does not need. So by eating all of these pills with God knows what in them, (no regulations) she is putting an extremely heavy load on her kidneys and her liver by forcing her body to process all of that shit. The antibiotics she has taken are enough to kill a horse. If she is sick it is because she is making herself sick. She is making her children sick. It is time Mohamed stepped in and at the very least got the boy out of her clutches. She most certainly has Munchhausen by proxy.
    David saw through her a long time ago. Word is that she wanted a reality show like the Kardashians have starring herself as the selfless Momager battling through incurable disease after incurable disease while turning her three children into superstar models. Word is that everybody agreed to do it but David which is why she cut him loose.

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  2. Sorry, BBB, but this latest thing she pulled out of her ____ forced me to tune her out. I can handle Loada on Lymes and Sybil’s Seven Seas, but not this insect du jour. Do you think she’s laughing at what we’ll swallow (no pun intended) this time? How about those soap actresses last night on RHOBH? Ya think they swallowed it? Or were the gals giggling between takes? BTW, with the Mute button on, I watched that scene in order to gaze at her pill cupboard of many colors. I’ve long suspected she’s a pain pill popper, and sure enough, there they were–in front.


  3. Good catch on the label misprint! Yolanda appears to have multiple illnesses and has tried many treatments, which she has always shared with the public. I’m sure that they have paid a lot of money out of pocket as insurance does not cover non-conventional treatments. I think what troubles some people is that we viewers have watched her go on fabulous vacations with the ladies as well as private yachts, Jets, etc. with David. She seemed to do well on all of the trips. 😉 I know a lot of people sick or well that can only dream of such extravagant vacations, me for one!


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