#ApresSki Elise Wim’s AUDITION Tape For ANOTHER Reality Show!!

elise wims


Our Volcanic “Operations Manager” on Apres Ski is just another Reality TV star looking for her next gig. Bravo TV needs to give viewers a little more credit when casting shows like Apres Ski and Below Deck. It’s fairly easy to see who was brought in to “stir the pot.” If they truly want to fool the viewing audience they should put people into positions they are qualified for first, with a flair for drama second. Elise Wims is a great example of poor casting. She’s a skilled chef with 2 shows under her belt. Why not add her to a Below Deck spin-off where she can use her cooking abilities? Her lack of management experience has led to her eventual demise in an upcoming episode.  Elise is bad-mouthing her entire cast and Gibbon’s Life on Twitter in retaliation. Wims should use caution and take some of her tweets down. She is sending up huge red flags for future employers and casting agents. See Elise’s audition reel after the photo below.

elise imdb

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1 Comment on #ApresSki Elise Wim’s AUDITION Tape For ANOTHER Reality Show!!

  1. Well isn’t she just so sweet…the fakeness is oozing from her pores. I hope that any potential employer will run a search on her and see her behavior on Apres Ski! I still cannot believe her nastiness on Twitter.

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