#RHOBH I’m Guessing The Rothschild’s Didn’t Want “Richard’s Sister Bravo Drama” During Nicky’s Wedding!


The Richard’s Sisters aka “The Witches of Westwood” (kidding) aren’t exactly the kind of relatives welcome at a blue-blood wedding of British high society. Best known for their Reality TV shows, drunken shoplifting, and “One Night In Paris,” a porn done by Kathy Hilton’s daughter (and the bride’s sister!) Paris, these 3 ladies have a competitive loathing for each other that a family wedding couldn’t even smooth over.  I’m sure the Rothschild’s weren’t thrilled by son James’s engagement to Nicoli “Nicky” Hilton but moved forward with a lavish Kensington Palace wedding for the couple. According to today’s Daily Mail:

Kyle Richards was among the guests supporting niece Nicky Hilton at her extravagant London wedding to James Rothschild in July.

But there was plenty of drama surrounding the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star’s appearance at the nuptials.

In fact, Tuesday night’s episode of the Bravo show revealed that the 46-year-old almost didn’t attend the wedding.

Kyle insisted she had been dis-invited from the big day – before soon getting re-invited, although without her husband Mauricio Umansky and two of her daughters.

The reality star’s eldest child Farrah Aldjufrie, 27, from her first marriage to Guraish Aldjufrie, was one of Nicky’s bridesmaids, while youngest daughter Portia, seven, acted as flower girl.

However Kyle’s other two daughters, 19-year-old Alexia and 15-year-old Sophia, were noticeably absent.

One supposed reason behind the drama may have been an alleged feud between Mauricio and Kyle’s brother-in-law Rick Hilton – Nicky’s father.

Us Weekly claimed at the time of the wedding that the two real estate agents had fallen out over a business matter, something Brandi Glanville appeared to confirm during a series of now-deleted tweets.

During Tuesday’s episode of the show, Kyle told co-star Lisa Vanderpump – who had been trying to help her find a suitable gown for the occasion: ‘I was told it would be better if I didn’t come to the wedding, so I’m not going.’

She explained later: ‘I’ve been very close to all of my nieces and nephews, but somewhere along the line something happened where I was told it may be a better idea if I didn’t come.

‘I don’t even know how to describe – nor do I want to describe – the relationship between my sisters and me. It’s just really bad,’ she added, looking close to tears.

‘Obviously, this is not something that makes me feel good, but it’s Nicky’s day and my sister Kathy’s day as the mother of the bride so I have to respect their decision.’

However, over dinner during a vacation in Tuscany her family was sharing with Lisa and her husband Ken Todd, Kyle then revealed that she was going after all – just not with her husband or two of their daughters.

Her husband Mauricio admitted it was ‘really stupid’ that the girls were not invited, but Kyle quickly shut down Lisa’s attempts to get her to talk about the drama, just saying: ‘I’m going just because I want to see her walk down the aisle.’

She later added: ‘I don’t think anyone can understand the dynamics between my sisters and me. I really don’t want to talk about why I was dis-invited and then re-invited again – it’s nobody’s f***ing business.’

Former Real Housewife Brandi previously posted tweets about the alleged feud between Mauricio and Rick, which she later deleted.

In June, she wrote: ‘Let me tell u what I wouldn’t do 4 a TV show @kylerichards17 exploit 1 sisters sobriety & f**k over the other @KathyHilton husbands business!’

She then added: ‘@kylerichards17 #truthcannon your husband use to work for kathy’s husband until he secretly stole agents & clients to start the Agency #STFU.

‘Talk about me, call me a liar, which I am not- you will get it back. To talk s–t about me 4 not being back after all I have done & put up with from her is gross. Its senior bullying.’

Brandi tweeted to her fans at a later date: ‘Now @kylerichards is threatening me with a legal letter because if my tweets? Get my address from @Andy I will add it to my pile #rich coward.’

Meanwhile, Kyle has landed a TV Land show about her upbringing with her sisters, which Kathy is apparently not too happy about.

On last week’s Real Housewives episode, the Halloween star complaint that her family was trying to ‘control’ her and obstruct the scripted show.

Kyle’s other sister Kim was not in attendance at Nicky’s wedding, because she was being treated for alcohol addiction in rehab at the time.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3352974/Inside-Hilton-sisters-family-feud-Kyle-s-husband-Mauricio-banned-niece-Nicky-s-lavish-London-wedding.html#ixzz3trC2gGgW


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7 Comments on #RHOBH I’m Guessing The Rothschild’s Didn’t Want “Richard’s Sister Bravo Drama” During Nicky’s Wedding!

  1. If my sister said you can come but leave your husband and two children at home, I would tell her to fuck off. But, Kyle, just HAD to attend a semi royal wedding, it was too good to pass up.

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  2. donewithbravo // December 11, 2015 at 10:47 pm // Reply

    Is this blueblood groom an heir to the Fatburger family? If so, who cares??? True bluebloods wouldn’t come near trash like the Hiltons, but then again, the Fatburger family is trashy by themselves!

    Liked by 1 person

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