#FamouslySingle Star Calum Best Is Realizing Co-star #RHOBH Alumni Brandi Glanville Is An Unhinged Cougar…..

#RealHousewivesOfBeverlyHills Star Brandi Glanville Stalks Another Hot Actor!


Calum Best is a UK based model, actor, and Bad-boy who has notoriously dated some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets, and Lindsey Lohan…

Best is currently shooting “Famously Single,” his latest Reality TV series in LA,  featuring  D and E-list celebs including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alumni Brandi Glanville. Brandi’s bad behavior and sexual exploits rival most men in the Hollywood scene, which make her a ratings draw for the new show. Producers love stirring up romance rumors prior to debuting new projects and people are suckers believing the gossip! Brandi is notoriously attracted to good-looking men who treat her badly. She loves chasing unavailable boys using sex to fill a void for the love they never give her. She needs a good therapist to get past her detrimental emotional immaturity.

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Glanville and Best have “hooked up” during filming if you believe Brandi and the gossip sites she leaks info to. Most men will take sex when it’s offered and Calum Best is likely no exception. Brandi is trying far too hard to retain the sexy Brit’s attention. Calum Posted this photo to Instagram a few days ago.


What does desperate Brandi do when she sees this photo? She realizes it is her moment to fill Best’s “Lonely?” bed and responds with a picture that only Glanville herself would find appealing!




Calum Best has a play opening in the UK and can hide overseas for months until Famously Single premieres. Make sure you get your shots updated while you are home Calum and keep changing that phone number…..Brandi Glanville is a gift that can keep on giving for years.


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7 Comments on #FamouslySingle Star Calum Best Is Realizing Co-star #RHOBH Alumni Brandi Glanville Is An Unhinged Cougar…..

  1. She s gross to post a picture of dildos in her bed. She has two young boys! They would respect her more if he as a “dancer” at this point. One interesting fact due to my titanium memory for useless, stupid trivia. When she first joined the cast her most recent occupation
    was makeup artist. Since then, it has been scrubbed, and she is now an alleged super model who was the toast of Europe.

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    • The only thing “super” in Brandi’s modeling past are a few runway shows. She NEVER had a major ad campaign.

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      • This little bit of trivia: When she first joined the show for a brief period of time her bio said she was currently working as a make-up artist. Somehow that turned into superstar European model. That she was a makup artist while she was married to Eddie Cibrian was never mentioned again. Is that guy straight?

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        • Calum Best is British-straight lol. He’s been with as many partners as Brandi. A notorious party boy who hooked up with Lohan, Hilton, etc in their heyday he’s exactly Landfill’s type. She loves men who treat her badly and are pretty.

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  2. Lisa Vanerpuke looks funny in this pic. hahaha

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  3. So is he or isn’t he her boyfriend she is saying boyfriend it must be a joke for PR get get suckers to watch her


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