#KUWTK Pimp Mama Kris Konvinces @KylieJenner That @Tyga Is Bad For Business!!

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(Kylie Jenner and Tyga and Rhianna’s Diamond Ball this week. Neither photographed together during the event. Kylie Jenner has stopped mentioning Tyga on social media and has excluded the “rapper” from Snapchat.)

I’ve been taking some heat for revealing that Kylie Jenner and FORMER boyfriend Tyga have split before the official announcement has been made by the #KardashianKamp. Reason #1? The remaining episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” focus heavily on the relationship between Klassless Kylie and the now bankrupt rapper! PMK thought she could help propel Tyga into stardom and get a piece of his percentage by featuring him on “her” show. Leave it to Kris Jenner to take an underage sexual relationship between her then 16 yr old daughter and 24 yr old rapper, and try to sell it as a “young love” story to the public on #KUWTK when Kylie came of age! That strategy backfired big time. The public has zero tolerance for Kris Jenner’s manipulations of the law and has shown their disapproval loudly through horrible ratings of the show and the death of Tyga’s musical career. Tyga should have known better. Look at where Kanye West is now? He was the top-selling most respected rapper in the game before tarnishing his brand with Kardashian Klass. Rap Music wants no part of the Kartrashian machine. Let’s hope that A$AP Rocky’s team is keeping him away from Kylie’s Kurious vagina which is chasing him all over LA and to Miami! Kredibility is the most important part of a rapper’s arsenal. Nothing sucks that out of the body faster than a Kardashian….

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BlindGossip.com served this bit of dish earlier this week!

Not only is this rapper not rackin’ anymore, he clearly refuses to recognize the kurse of keeping up with that diabolical dynasty.

It’s a sinister situation our blind item subject was warned about by his (now former) friends. I’m talking about the set of music industry friends that held Mr. Hub City down after dude went bust over the drastic low number of sales connected to his non-gold dynasty album.

They were supporting him financially. They also gave him access to their cars in order for him to keep the image going.

We’re told that’s how our blind item subject gained the funding to flee from Calabasas, throw deuces up at dat doll, and set up shop in the Hollywood Hills. Guess what? It’s looking like it’s now all downhill for this dude.

Know why? Because not only did dude disregard his financially-supportive friends’ advice by taking it back to keeping up with the wretched again… sources say he told ’em, “Fuck off!” Now they’re bout to air him out!!!

He recently pledged his obedience to dat devious dynasty by apologizing to Drake for dissin’. Know why? Because they told him to! Just ask Kanye “New Slave” West.

BG Translation: This rapper’s music wasn’t selling, so his friends financially supported him so that he could maintain his image. However, they told him to stay away from a certain girl because trying to keep up with her lifestyle was costing him (and them) money. He chose the girl over his friends, and is now being controlled by the girl’s family. His friends are going to expose the truth.


Too bad for Tyga that after he went all-in with Kylie she saw his tax returns. Or maybe Kylie Jenner finally saw my blog and the details of Tyga’s many affairs with transsexual models and strippers? The kid is 18 and wants a fairytale rapper romance! Not a broke 26 yr old single father with ex-girlfriend issues and zero career potential. Sorry Tyga. The Kardashian machine eats them up and spits them out. Just ask Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, Rob Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, Scott Disick, French Montana, and now you!

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12 Comments on #KUWTK Pimp Mama Kris Konvinces @KylieJenner That @Tyga Is Bad For Business!!

  1. donewithbravo // December 11, 2015 at 9:53 pm // Reply

    This vapid little girl caused an uproar by being on Michael Buble’s Christmas show last night. So many of his devoted fans (myself included!) were saddened by his choice (or his manager’s choice??) of having her do a spot on his show. WHY would he need this? How did this child with nothing to offer get to be on his show? Is PMK that forceful?? Or is Michael now that dumb? He also had a spot with Gigi Hadid (no surprise there, since David Foster is/was Michael’s producer and Michael was on his label).
    The point is that the general public is sick of this family, and now it has spilled over to Michael Buble and his poor choices. He’s in a tizzy, even updating his Facebook and complaining about how stupid social media could be. Yeah, keep digging your grave there, Mikey!! I was such a huge fan. I even met him. Now? I’m ready to box up his stuff and get rid of it. He also mocked OUR political people (Donald Trump, etc…) and he’s not even a citizen here! Ooh and Blake Shelton flipped the bird to him in a big opening joke. Yah, nice Christmas special. I see this going the route of Justin Bieber. Michael began with that mocking Instagram pic of a woman’s backside in a public coffeehouse, insinuating that her shorts were too tight. It’s since gone downhill. I’m so sad about it…….. But ANYONE who chooses to have these ignorant asshats on their show, is pretty much lacking morals!

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  2. Ouch the truth hurts

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