#ApresSki Cap: Elise Wims Is Out, Jim Sced Is In, and Bobby Crowder Waits In The Wings…


Elise Wims aka “The Diva Chef” was voted off the island last night by CEO of Gibbon’s Life Tamara Moore. Only during her final moments with Moore did we see Elise exhibit her first real emotion of the season. Her “fuck-you” facial expressions and eye-rolling were the norm for Wims who made no friends during her time in Whistler. Being a bitch doesn’t make you a strong manager or woman, it just makes you a bitch. Let’s hope that somewhere, somehow, Wims has learned from this experience. Instead of blaming others for her downfall, which she has on Twitter, Elise needs to hone her inter-personal skills & display a caring for others that she so desperately lacks. Empathy isn’t something that can be taught, and Elise Wims will have to dig deep if she wants success outside of the kitchen where her Diva behavior is accepted. I’d keep that chef’s hat handy and take a job that showcases strengths, instead of chasing Reality TV fame. Maybe Elise and Raquel Dakota can hook up?

bravo plants

After Elise’s departure things in the Gibbon’s Life boardroom went smoothly. Tamara Moore took over the morning meeting and gave the Gibbon’s Life team news of Jim Sced’s trial promotion to Operations Manager. Everyone in the room seemed happy with the changes, except for Bobby Crowder. Bobby’s snark reached the catty level when discussing Jim’s move to the top in his interviews. Crowder also wants to be considered for the promotion, but Jim beat him to the punch.

Things lighten up when the first set of clients arrive and they are taken bungee jumping by the concierge team. Of course, the Gibbon’s crew gets in a few moments jump after the guests, but only Bobby decides to do it commando! Crowder says,”I hope I don’t die and I hope my dick doesn’t get frozen off!” Moments like this make us love Bobby. Love the energy he brings to the show!




Kendra Larkin was not about to be outdone by her team and decides to make the jump. Kendra is always willing to push herself through difficult situations and challenges to her skillset. Tonight was no exception. Kendra Larkin has become the best member of Gibbon’s Life group this season with her work ethic, tenacity, and desire to succeed. She’s done it with subtlety, stealth, and a professionalism that sets a great example for anyone working their way up the corporate ladder, or just wanting to do better at work. Tamara Moore don’t let this girl slip through your fingers!



The second set of clients are disgusting males in their 30’s with more money than game with the ladies. Amongst the usual winter sporting activities planned for their visit is the client’s desire to meet women. A bikini fashion show is hosted in their honor with the clients acting as judges…..gag! You would think Frat-boys grow up after a certain age, but this simply isn’t true. I agree with concierge Lynsey Dyer in this clip!


Bobby meets with Tamara Moore to discuss his management potential. She assures him that he has great qualities and leadership potential, but is not right to lead the Gibbon’s Life team. Bobby understands and is excited to be considered for future promotions. Tamara later tells the team that Jim Sced will be made the permanent Operations Manager. They are all very excited for Sced and know he is the right fit, Bobby included!


See you next week!



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1 Comment on #ApresSki Cap: Elise Wims Is Out, Jim Sced Is In, and Bobby Crowder Waits In The Wings…

  1. I wanted to chock Elise through the television when she still would not hug Kenya when they went to the bar. It was still all about Elise, and nobody having her back. What a jerk she is.


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