What I’ve Learned So Far In This Season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” #RHOBH


Money Can’t Buy You Class

Sure it’s a #RHONY tagline and song by “The Countess,” but it so applies to the ladies of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards is the perfect example of a classless housewife. From her Florida retiree caftan wardrobe to her choice of “morally corrupt” best friend Faye Resnick, Kyle reeks of new money. To Kyle, an image is everything. She hides her family secrets under the rug until a producer screams “Production Deal at Warner Brothers!” Who cares if Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards are hurt by a family tell-all series? Kyle will finally be a famous actress!! Soon you will see dirty footprints on the backs of Kim and Kathy where Kyle stepped on them for fame. The Richard’s sisters compete to the death with each other and Kyle wants to go down in history as the most famous. Heck, even Kyle’s hubby Mauricio Umansky screwed over Kathy and Rick Hilton when he left to form “The Agency” taking several key players and millions of dollars in client commissions with him. Definitely, a low-class move choosing money over family.



Diseases Are Great Storylines!

The #RHOBH has become a Petrie dish of disease and disorders since Taylor Armstrong’s abuse claims in season one. I cannot stomach another illness storyline. Producers milked alcoholic and chronic drug abuser Kim Richards for every slurring conversation, stumble, and fight with Kyle they could get. Kim is so jacked up now it will be a miracle if she sees age 55. Let’s hope this, her 21st rehab stay will stick. (Not holding my breath) Now we have to suffer through another season of chronic Lyme/Munchausen’s with Yolanda Foster and her “stick an IV in me world tour!” Yolanda is trying to stay relevant by being an advocate for Lyme Disease and getting divorced from “My Love” David Foster. If I have to sit through another scene of pitiful Yolanda and her walk-in drug closet I’m going to stab myself in the eye with a tick. She’s going through Menopause, had a pair of 2-foot tapeworms in her colon, and is depressed over David. Congrats Yo you are cured!

PS. Yolanda Foster can read and post on Twitter as she displayed last night! How do I know she’s able to read? She found time to block me and several other bloggers who question her ever-changing and contradictory statements regarding her health. Game on!

AS SOON AS I PUT ON SOME MAKEUP, I'LL BE ON MY WAY!  kim-richards-mug-shot


Being A Gold-digger Should Be Rewarded! 

Just ask soft-core porn music video star Erika Jayne! This Ho was a cocktail waitress who picked up on her now 78 yr old husband in a bar she worked at. I’m sure she did a full background /credit check on the multi-millionaire attorney before slipping him her card using ample cleavage instead of fingertips. The poor guy never stood a chance against the good time girl who made him feel like a king in the sack. After they were married Erika decided she could sing and hubby bought his baby girl a music career! She has an alter ego called “The Pretty Mess” and after watching the videos, you will agree she is aptly named. Thank you, Erika, for giving 20-something Ho’s in LA something to aspire to! Gold diggers unite.

Lisa Vanderpump Is the ONLY Reason To Watch #RHOBH

From her hilltop abode Villa Rosa, to her successful restaurants, everything Lisa Vanderpump Todd touches is TV gold! Watching her float from room to room wearing the latest designer fashions just to feed her swans is all I need from the show. She and Ken Todd lead a charmed life of luxury founded on a solid work ethic that built their empire. It’s aspirational “Dynasty TV” that I  enjoy for a few moments each week when I watch the show. Sure, Lisa has her catty moments of gossip with asshat Kyle, but I forgive her everything because it’s tongue in cheek British humor. She has masterfully manipulated Bravo, Andy, and the production of the 2 shows she stars in to increase her brand’s (PUMP and SUR) growth and visibility. Vanderpump is smiling as she drives to the bank in her 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom to deposit a few hefty Bravo paychecks. Alexis Carrington’s got nothing on you, Lisa.







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7 Comments on What I’ve Learned So Far In This Season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” #RHOBH

  1. Maricio was passed over for a promotion from Rick when he was his top agent for years. In what world would he stay and continue to be an agent for Rick? If you hit a ceiling in your job, you move to bigger and better things. He must be doing something right he is now running the top agency in the country. He didn’t sign a non-compete with Rick, he is not obligated to stay working under him for the rest of his life. The Hiltons need to worry about those kids they raised. All but one of them has seen the inside of a jail cell.


  2. What is PrettyMess aka JayneErica even singing about? All she does is repeat the same 4 words over and over while bouncing her ass up and down. She’s a stripper with a limited vocabulary that sings let’s be honest.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more with this post. It has been driving me crazy trying to determine what’s become so annoying about my favorite Real Housewives – and you nailed it! Thank you for articulating my feelings about this season. I, too, live for the few moments when Mrs. LVP is featured – the rest has become ludicrous to the point of insulting. I used to disregard the scuttle about scripted vs. reality – as all scenes may require a little production help to get the story(ies) recorded for the viewers. However, other than my aforementioned favorite HW, I’m starting to question the authenticity of any of it! 😞😡😯

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    • When the medium began it was far more “real” than it is now. After Teresa flipped a table the game changed. Networks saw that with story writers, produced segments, engineered drama, etc that the ratings could be big and generate huge revenue. Sad…..


  4. That interview with Lisa V was fun. Well worth a few minutes.

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