#KUWTK The Video by Released by ChrisBrown TODAY That Kourtney Kardashian Is Hoping You Don’t See!

@Tyga Didn't Make The Cut!!


A visibly drunk Scott Disick turned up in today’s just released video by Chris Brown “Picture Me Rollin.” Loved the song, but Scott’s part utters some very regrettable dialogue that Kourtney and the Kardashian Klan are NOT going to appreciate! The video also features an opening parody that can only be credited to his break-up with Kareuche Tran earlier this year. Kris Jenner is going to be on the phone all day doing damage control after Disick’s latest stunt. Great cameos by Khloe Kardashian’s ex-French Montana and A$AP Rocky (Still trying to avoid Kylie Jenner!)

Picture Me Rollin’

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5 Comments on #KUWTK The Video by Released by ChrisBrown TODAY That Kourtney Kardashian Is Hoping You Don’t See!

  1. donewithbravo // December 19, 2015 at 8:59 pm // Reply

    P.S.: Can’t wait for the REAL dirt on this “royal American family” to come out, from the inside!!! Their time is up. Of course the exes dishing out the dirt are hardly reliable, but I’m sure they’re hurt and pissed enough to begin spillin’ it! Kimmy had it easy with Kris Humphries (I’m sure he didn’t want to be dragged in the dirt by spilling it about that family!), but Lamar and Scott? Yeah, they have nothing to lose!

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  2. Chris Brown is a loser and a horrible wannabe rapper. That goes for French as well. Disick is a joke too. How much did they have to pay Rocky to do this song? How embarrassing!
    I liked it better when Tupac did it back in the 90s.

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  3. WTH / yep he is an idiot !! hangin’ with a woman beater

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    • donewithbravo // December 19, 2015 at 8:55 pm // Reply

      rox: THAT is questionable. Back when the incident happened between Chris Brown and Rhianna, my hair colorist had her main job working at Arista records and got to meet, know (and hear tons of stories and issues!) of people in the music business there. I got to hear how Alicia Keys was carrying on with a married man who had a freshly pregnant wife that had no idea he wanted to leave her! Then I heard the whole plan of this altercation between Chris Brown and Rhianna (sp??). This was meant to further Rhianna’s career. She supposedly was nuts. She bashed her own head against the car window and made things very dramatic. After that, she wound up back with Chris again and again, even though she was “afraid” at the time. Puleeeaze!!! I do know that Chris Brown has impulse control issues and a temper, but I also know what Rhianna had to do to get to the top tier of the pop/rap princess list. Sorry, but I didn’t buy it then and I still don’t. Everything about that incident rang very untrue for me, and that was BEFORE I heard the details and planning from my friend! Not everything is as it seems. Just remember that.

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