#KUWTK Why Kris Jenner Won’t Let Kendall “Come Out” As A Lesbian! #Momager Thinks It’s “Bad For Business!”

Poor Kendall

She was born into the wrong family. Supermodel Jenner works non-stop to build her own identity away from the “Kardashian Machine” of sex, plastic surgery, rapper boyfriends, bad behavior, and HUGE lies told to the public. (Kylie didn’t date Tyga until she turned 18 sound familiar?) Her natural good looks and well-mannered demeanor have made her a modeling industry darling and given her over 40M followers on Instagram. Now #Momager Kris Jenner is fighting Kendall on being open about the 20 yr old’s sexuality! Kris wants Kendall to keep the fact that she is bi-sexual or a lesbian in the closet! Blind Gossip posted the following on Friday:

“The Kardashians did much for LGBT acceptance in 2015, so why are rumours swirling that the klan is pressuring one of the family to keep quiet about their sexual orientation? Maybe they’re just trying to save some headlines for 2016?” – http://www.bindgossip.com




Kris Jenner must have an announcement planned to rival that of hubby Bruce’s coming out as Caitlyn Jenner! I’m sure the evil witch of Calabasas is calling People or Vogue to set up a million dollar payday in the guize of “Kendall’s best interests” LMAO!! #PimpMamaKris only wants to make a buck on the backside of supermodel Kendall. Let’s hope that Kenny listens to her brothers, or even her modeling agent, and doesn’t sell her soul and sexuality to the highest bidder. Kris Jenner has turned her youngest daughter Kylie into an over-sexualized, plastic surgery enhanhanced, miniature Kim Kardashian. Now that Kim is 36 #PMK has to think of her next generation of daughters to whore off of. Run as fast as you can Kendall! The public is still rooting for your success and we don’t care if you are gay or straight!











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5 Comments on #KUWTK Why Kris Jenner Won’t Let Kendall “Come Out” As A Lesbian! #Momager Thinks It’s “Bad For Business!”

  1. Kris is so dumb. Look at Bruce. No one cared what he did when he was a 60 year old man. Now he’s a 60 year old woman and he’s all over the media, getting paid millions. Let Kendall be who she really is. She’s already successful. Why would coming out this day and age change anything? It’s not the 90s. Seriously, I don’t think anyone would notice anyway with Kylie and all her shenanigans and blown up lips.

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  2. If she came out it wouldn’t make a bit of a difference on how I see this family


  3. donewithbravo // December 19, 2015 at 8:32 pm // Reply

    Oh Lord……… PMK should be taken care of by the extremist Muslims. Let this child live her life! Everything is NOT an opportunity to get ratings or more $$!

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