Why Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Is Moving From Glam Reality TV To An Endless Infomercial…..and O.J Simpson

For a site dedicated to watching/blogging about BravoTV “Reality” shows like mine one must enjoy the medium to inspire creative writing. While on hiatus I discovered just how little I missed watching the inane women of Beverly Hills and their heavily scripted antics. It has become the D-list show for middle-aged actresses looking to sell wine, jumpstart a porn/music career, hawk products on QVC, or sell Kaftans in their gaudy boutiques. Bravo has allowed it’s California-based “best of the Housewive’s franchise” to implode and underwhelm at the same time. What truly shocks me is that viewers don’t realize they are being manipulated by Bravo, who gets a chunky percentage of every item sold by a housewife.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills used to be a show Robin Leach could be proud of. It had wealth, glamor, retired TV stars, Hollywood wives, and desperate social climbers all trying to claw their way to the A-list! That was good TV. Give me Vanderpump, Camille, and the Maloof Hoof! Not this mess of D-list desperados…..


Now that the show has added soap opera actresses into the mix the plotlines have endless opportunities for drama. Lisa Rinna who will “do anything for a buck” is always ready to please producers. What does she do when she sees Kathryn Edwards for the first time in years? She brings up O.J Simpson right on cue. That’s what anyone would do over a glass of wine right? WRONG! Rinna is transparent in her delivery and anyone with a brain cell can smell production prodding in this  scene. Just in time for the new FX  O.J movie too! Great job Bravo. Meet Andy Cohen’s latest “jailbird housewife” that even Teresa Guidice will have to bow down to.


Can I have Below Deck and Ladies Of London back?


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20 Comments on Why Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Is Moving From Glam Reality TV To An Endless Infomercial…..and O.J Simpson

  1. donewithbravo // January 31, 2016 at 8:30 pm // Reply

    BBB, great blog. You said it perfectly. Unfortunately there are so many uninformed people out there watching these shows and they buy into it. I stopped watching them after Russell Armstrong committed “suicide” (sorry, but I still don’t believe that). After that, and after seeing no remorse or respect for the deceased from Miss Andy or from Bravo, then I was disgusted. I felt “dirty” for watching it. I didn’t want to add to the ratings. I only see clips on the blogs. One question: Why is Eileen Davidson on the show? She was/is successful on two soaps. I wouldn’t think she’d have any need for this exposure. It won’t be good for her career, although I’ve loved her acting abilities. I hope that this show doesn’t diminish that for her!! Have to add that even soap operas these days are a pale comparison to what they once were. They’re almost as embarrassing to watch. The Bell family created and writes and oversees 2 soaps (The Young and the Restless/The Bold and the Beautiful), and they’re both centered around irrational, immature, incestuous storylines. Wash, rinse, repeat!!!!!!! It’s so sad. I stopped watching B&B. Y&R will probably be next. I don’t like to waste my precious time!
    Glad to see you on here–hope all is well!!

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    • I believe Eileen is being the sole bread winner while Vincent writes scripts. He still hosts the World Poker Tour, but that isn’t the 500-800k that Eileen makes on #RHOBH for a 3 month shoot.

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      • ITA with both you ladies
        I am lookin’ forward to Below deck with no sybiloftheSea The Best Name Ever bahahahahaha
        The Ladies of London


  2. Great bitchery, BBB! Your time off didn’t diminish your opinionationness! 👏👏 If they’re makin’ up stuff, I am, too: words! lol Was missing your snard fest, but assumed it wasn’t just ‘life’ that got you down as much as no Capn Lee and Tugboat Eddie!😿

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  3. Tis’ true. Timed to coincide with uupcoming t.v show. So obvious. Even after all these years it makes me feel slimy for them to stop mall over Nicole’s grave.

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  4. Welcome back hope you enjoyed your time away from social media
    I stopped watching when they brought Pornricka on ,and showed Brandi and Kim coming back that was the end of HWoBH for me
    pumpmystomach has become so full of herself along with Vyle done

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    • All they do is read from a script now. When Lisa Rinna uttered the name “O.J” I laughed out loud. I want “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” not QVC Kaftans and other shit I will never buy. Missed you guys too!!

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      • I bet Rinna got a hefty bonus for that nonsense. I want to ring her neck every time she comes on. She’s the worst. Welcome back! 🙂

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        • Thanks doll! Agree Rinna will do/say anything fed to her by a line producer. I don’t like having “actresses” on the show. It’s an improv performance every week featuring whatever topic is in the news or in Stoopid Housewives to rip off! xoxo B3

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  5. wonderbreaddots // January 23, 2016 at 10:50 pm // Reply

    Welcome back!

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