#RHOBH Faye Resnick’s Comments About Kathryn Edwards From Her Book,”Nicole Brown Simpson: A Life Interrupted”


If you’ve watched the past couple of episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then you know new ‘Wife Kathryn Edwards has a bit of a history with Kyle Richards‘ best friend Faye Resnick. Though Faye and Kathryn had never come face to face before Kyle’s dinner party, Kathryn has admittedly been holding a grudge against the interior designer since her 1994 book Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted was released. While Kathryn says she never read the book, she had heard it claimed her then-fiancé Marcus Allen had an affair with Nicole Simpson and that the book painted Kathryn as the kind of woman who turned a blind eye to his alleged adultery.

While most of the book centered on Faye’s friendship with Nicole and her turbulent relationship with OJ Simpson, there is one moment in the book that mentioned Kathryn by name. Faye describes how OJ and Nicole were close to a reconciliation after their divorce but that before OJ could truly move forward, he needed to know everyone she slept with during their separation and divorce:

Then she came to the other names she so desperately did not want to reveal. Finally, Nicole admitted her affair with Marcus Allen. She quickly told OJ that she’d only let him “play” with her. She didn’t admit to actual intercourse. OJ exploded. He turned on her like a man possessed. Nicole told me OJ threatened her, saying “If you’re ever with Marcus again, I’ll…I don’t know what I’ll do, but it will be bad. I won’t be able to control myself.” He wouldn’t let it end. It held up the reconciliation attempt for months. At times, we were worried that OJ might take revenge on Marcus by telling his fiancée Kathryn about the affair with Nicole. That would have been a disaster because Kathryn was a sweet woman who was well aware of Marcus’ womanizing and might have felt she had to call off the wedding. OJ did not do that, but he did confront Marcus. No one knows exactly what was said, but it ended up with him swearing to OJ that he would never touch Nicole again. Marcus said it wouldn’t be a problem anymore because he was getting married.

Later in the book, Faye writes that before anything had started up between Marcus and Nicole, Marcus had his sights set on Faye. Faye called their mutual friend Kris Jenner (yes, that Kris Jenner) for advice.

“Kris, I don’t know what to think about this. I know Marcus Allen has been trying to get my phone number, and Nicole wants me to go out with him to the Monkey Bar. I like Marcus but not in that way. On the other hand, I’d like to keep him as a friend, because he is a friend of Nicole’s. What do you think?” Kris said, “Whatever you do, don’t go out with Marcus Allen. He’s the biggest womanizer in the world and don’t forget he’s engaged to Kathryn. She turns a blind eye to his fooling around, but it hurts her when he does it publicly.”

In 1996, Faye released a second book, Shattered: In the Eye of the Storm, which centered on the OJ Simpson trial. While she did briefly touch on Marcus and the fact that he didn’t want to be involved in the trial, she didn’t mention Kathryn again by name.

It looks like their confrontation at Kyle’s house hasn’t completely satisfied Kathryn, but at least, we know what was actually said in the book.

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