#RHOBH Orangutans Everywhere Take Offense To Faye!


Lisa Vanderpump has a new addition at Villa Rosa!

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29 Comments on #RHOBH Orangutans Everywhere Take Offense To Faye!

  1. I just posted a comment where is it? I have nerve damage it’s hard to type. Hope I don’t have to type it again. Very important information about SH

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  2. Yolanda told Lisa that she had stoopid housewives shut down because she was telling lies, why would SH give in?

    I don’t believe SH is taking a break. She could easily disable comments and take the ads off if ads a issue.

    SH even blocked the cache. SH may be on a break, but Yolanda did get her shut down, it’s an involuntary break.


  3. lilmissbindi // February 3, 2016 at 4:34 pm // Reply

    SH website blocked again unless u have a password. But while trying to get there, I found you instead. Will be here more often now.

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  4. If I go to a site commercial do you anything for it want to ask at SH but I am not able to log on locked out SH is taking a break left a Thank you I was just wondering about 2 months ago I took ad block off

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  5. donewithbravo // January 31, 2016 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    Too much bad surgery there! She looks NOTHING like she did during the OJ trial.

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  6. Gotta love LisaVanderPump! I think the next ep might actually be a good one. Minus Kyle’s splits.

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  7. that is funny !!

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