#RHONJ How Low Can Miss Andy Go?

tree hugger

Shame on you Miss Andy! How low can your Housewives franchise go? When the new season starts you will one again glamorize the crimes of the Giudice family on BravoTV. Why are you rewarding this woman with a high-paying Television gig when she still can’t admit to doing the crimes she was jailed for? What a great example BravoTV is setting for the youth market including Teresa’s own children. I’m awarding Miss Andy the “Jackhole of the Year” award for bringing Tree back to TV. You can almost see the gleam in his wonky eye while he anticipates the footage of Joe’s likely deportation.


Poor Wacha


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3 Comments on #RHONJ How Low Can Miss Andy Go?

  1. donewithbravo // February 20, 2016 at 5:25 pm // Reply

    This will be the key to his undoing. (Semi-quote from “The Little Mermaid”). This moronic woman is in such denial because she’s back in the faux-‘glamorous’ lifestyle she was in before, so it’s back to lying and cheating and not admitting your guilt. She’s disgusting and Miss Andy is pure evil. Reminds me of 50cent who has been flashing about $50k in Instagram pics, yet claiming his bankruptcy was on the up and up. They need to be held accountable without being able to blame it on their “brand” or that it was staged.

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  2. she did no wrong according to her the main reason some people will Never watch her again

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