#RHOBH EXTENDED SCENES Watch Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump Try to Use Logic With Yolanda Foster (aka Hadid) Who Deflects Using Her Illness as a Tactic!



Because listening to an extra 5 minutes of this argument is really what we needed…….here it is! Yolanda Foster, I mean Hadid, has a great tactic when arguing. If she wants the floor she uses Lyme disease to shut everyone else down. Watch the clips and see.




On #WWHL, tonight Yolanda Hadid (she changed her name today) referred to her illness as an “Invisible Disease” instead of Lyme. Sounds like another one of her many ever-changing stories. She looked great and won tonight’s Clubhouse game. Guess her brain was working today!


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7 Comments on #RHOBH EXTENDED SCENES Watch Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump Try to Use Logic With Yolanda Foster (aka Hadid) Who Deflects Using Her Illness as a Tactic!

  1. roxmissmist // March 11, 2016 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    I haven’t gotten any notifications of your posts sorry I have missed a few it looks like


  2. donewithbravo // February 20, 2016 at 5:03 pm // Reply

    She irks me to my core. As someone with severe chronic pain, she is an insult to me. After stating that she had chronic lyme disease, she’s suddenly getting back to “old Yolanda”?? How??? Just because her leaky silicone was taken out (bullshit–it only makes you feel achy and ill; not like her mental symptoms at ALL–it wasn’t in her brain, unlike my situation where it WAS closer to my brain!!)?? Or was it the removal of her dentalwork?? This lady has so much bullshit going on that even she can’t keep it straight!!!!!!!!
    SHE brought up her children in a previous episode, probably so that she’d remain as a current topic for the “girls” (love it–they’re LADIES; not “girls”!) would talk about her. She’s such a bullshit artist. Lisa (lips) is succinct. When she reminded Yolo of saying what she did about Harry, it WAS the same situation. When Lisa said, “Then you shouldn’t be upset if it’s not true”, according to what Yo said about Harry (and Lisa shouldn’t have been upset), that was precisely true!!!!!!!!!!
    Yo preached to male furniture movers to “learn the language here first”, as a helpful hint. Well, Yo can’t even speak English! Learn to pronounce VOCABULARY, dumb bitch! You’ve been here long enough. If you’re gonna preach to other immigrants, then learn it yourself first!!!!
    How many times can Yo insert Gigi’s name into a conversation? She pushes, pushes, pushes that little pudge-faced teen into America’s subconscious. It’s sick.
    The look on vyle Kyle’s face during this whole ‘confrontation’ said it ALL, to me. I wish they could tell the truth. And, Lisa (butt) was telling the truth according to the aired edited show–she didn’t seem to like Kyle’s questions to her, asking about Mohammad’s kids. That was obvious. So, for Yo to get so pissy at her and speak to her so disrespectfully, was not right. She’s a moron; even moreso than the rest of these idiots. No wonder the world is pretty much done with speaking about them all. They’ll be gone soon enough!

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    • roxmissmist // March 11, 2016 at 8:01 pm // Reply

      YoYo still doesn’t get it that we are on to her and she thinks everyone watching believes what she says so Lisa saying anything against what YoYo says puts it in the universe and makes more people doubt


      • donewithbravo // March 11, 2016 at 8:07 pm // Reply

        Oh Lord……. I think that being on Dr. Oz REALLY outed her. She expected it to be used for sympathy when in reality she spewed dates/years/illnesses and exposed so many lies. A lot of people caught on to the level of mental illness she has. It’s out “dare in da universe” now!

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        • roxmissmist // March 11, 2016 at 9:24 pm // Reply

          She has been doing that for years contradicts what she says she has made a laughing stock of her self …BH gave her the fame she wanted for herself it is all about HER !! she can only give to a man for so long then he owes her he doesn’t pay he has ta go

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  3. Yolanda’s like that annoying, stupid chick in the slasher movies that just won’t die.

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