Tonight’s #RHOBH: Why Did Erika Jayne/Girardi Lie About The Lyme Comments? #YoFo’s BFF Jumped the Shark


lies by bravo

Erika Jayne is a liar liar pants on fire! I actually liked this newcomer until last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After her  performance Erika just didn’t “feel like it was the right time” to tell the truth? Leave it to #YoFo to come to the defense of Jayne with these Cryotherapy musings from

I feel I should clarify the subject at hand…
Discussing my children’s and my health issues with the intent to provoke doubt or gossip is not OK. I shared my concerns about my children’s health with Kyle on two separate occasions with plenty of opportunity for her to ask questions. She chose to bring it up once again at her barbecue just to stir the pot without any consciousness or consideration about the fact that it was my children she was talking about. Obviously she had discussed this matter with LVP in detail before.
I wish they wouldn’t take our feelings for granted and consider how much courage it took to show them.

I went to “great lengths” to show Lisa and Kyle my kids’ medical records just to finally shut down the conversation. Our journey is backed up with black and white proof, so if you have time to gossip about such a sensitive subject, why can’t you make time to review the facts of it?

I am an adult and have learned to accept people’s ignorance on the matter of Lyme and invisible chronic disease in general. Both my children deserve a sincere apology from those adults who cast doubt on their journey and put this bad seed out in the universe.
It is simply unconscionable that my “friends” would doubt and discredit my word relating to such a delicate and sensitive matter.

Erika did what a good friend does: She brought me truthful information which was accurate. There is a difference between talk that is factual and trash talk.
We have all seen this story unfold in front of our eyes, step by step and it’s simple: Untruths were brought to the table for consideration, provoking doubt and discomfort amongst my friends and in our community.
The problem starts there–the wind that starts the fire. I won’t burn in this flame, though…I have let this go. I will continue to defend my children, but I will not engage in this gossip!
I have much bigger fish to fry! Like raising money for proper diagnostic and a cure affordable for all. I will continue to educate and bring awareness to this subject until people like my friends open their heart to invisible disease and hopefully judgement gets converted to kindness.

I told Lisa R about the conversation that had come up at the BBQ regarding my children and she confirmed it…my emotional response is what you saw.

Maybe my expectations are high when it comes to loyalty, but if everyone just chose to stand up for what is right, we wouldn’t still be talking about this subject, right?


If Yolanda Foster was a dessert she’d be “Bananas Foster”

Enjoy! ~B3



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5 Comments on Tonight’s #RHOBH: Why Did Erika Jayne/Girardi Lie About The Lyme Comments? #YoFo’s BFF Jumped the Shark

  1. donewithbravo // February 20, 2016 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    P.S.: Erika was high as a kite after her “concert” which is why she wasn’t in the right “headspace” to discuss the truth!! That’s how it appeared to me.

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  2. Loada, we want you off the show. Yes, I’m speaking for the entire universe.

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    • Can we get her off the entire universe too? On #WWHL she was quick to cut-off Craig Ferguson who said she looked “fine now.”

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      • donewithbravo // February 20, 2016 at 5:09 pm // Reply

        Oooohhh, she did? I love him!! What a moron she is, but honestly, people can’t tell that I have severe chronic pain by looking at me. If I took pics of my “bad” times, they can tell! I was renewing my CPR certifications on a “bad” day and thought I could get thru it. By the end, the R.N. who was giving the course, asked me if I needed water. That’s all I needed to hear–I instantly needed to vomit and she led me to the bathroom. Afterwards, she commended me for being so strong as to not even mention how badly I was feeling, but tried to carry on anyway. THAT is severe chronic illness/pain; not her phony shit!

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  3. they R all Crap !!!

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