#PumpRules “Star” Jax Taylor Blames Theft of Designer Sunglasses on “Too Many Mai Tais” During Court in Hawaii. Funny, We Thought It Was Because He’s A Klepto As Seen On Vanderpump Rules…

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BravoTV now has two “Morally Corrupt” stars. Jason Michael Cauchi aka Jax Taylor joins “esteemed” colleague Faye Resnick in a tie for scraping the bottom of the barrel on a Reality TV show. On Vanderpump Rules Taylor plays a 36-yr-old bartender working at Hollywood restaurant SUR while waiting for his “big break.” (Maybe someone should tell him that ship has sailed?) BravoTV rewards its stars for exhibiting on camera bad behavior. Hello, Teresa Giudice! And Jax Taylor’s only viable talent seems to be a never-ending supply of bad choices to create ratings drama. Maybe a decent network or talent manager should explain to Taylor that his on-camera mistakes will follow him into his later years after TV fame has faded? Or perhaps Jax Taylor really is the shallow, corrupted thief we see on #PumpRules and doesn’t care about public perception?


Today Jax Taylor was back in Hawaiian courtroom to answer for his latest fuck-up.


The Daily Mail reported the story from Hawaii.

This reality star has a new theme song – ‘Blame It (On The Alcohol)’.

Jax Taylor barely escaped being convicted of a felony after telling a Hawaiian judge he stole expensive sunglasses last year after having too many drinks.

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old Vanderpump Rules star was sentenced to second-degree theft in Honolulu after striking a plea deal that allowed him to avoid jail time, Khon 2 reports.


Jax – whose real name is Jason Michael Cauchi – appeared downcast as he faced court in Honolulu and apologized for his actions.

The reality star, who wore his hair slicked back, a suit and reading glasses, admitted he had taken the sunglasses from a store last July. 

He told the court: ‘I just want to apologize to the court and to the state, again I had too many drinks, too many mai tais. I made a mistake, took full responsibility and I understand this is going to follow me the rest of my life due to the fact that I’m on television. 

‘So I just want to say I’m sorry and I apologize.’

His apology and deal with prosecutors meant the star’s felony charge – as the sunglasses were so expensive – was downgraded and he will not face jail.

Instead the star was sentenced to 364 days of probation, which means that if he can stay out of trouble, his record will be wiped clean after that time.

The SUR employee did not get off scott-free, however, as he also had to pay $350 to the store to cover the cost of the shades, $105 to the crime victim compensation fund, and $1,150 in fees and fines.

He did, however, managed to find the bright side of having to return to Hawaii, treating his girlfriend Brittney Cartwright to a romantic Valentine’s Day vacation.

Caught: Jax was arrested on a felony back in July (pictured is his mug shot)

Caught: Jax was arrested on a felony back in July (pictured is his mug shot)

Despite having to go to court, the couple soaked up some sun, went on a boat tours, got massages and even got stuck into an alcohol beverage or two but no doubt avoided mai tais.

Jax made sure to get himself hooked up while there mentioning every company that had helped made his court date a little sweeter. 

Jax was previously punished by employer Lisa Vanderpump after she found out about the theft and she suspended him from work for two weeks.

The shady drama all started last year while Jax and his girlfriend Brittney were with the rest of the cast of Vanderpump Rules filming for the show.

On their final day in Hawaii, Jax went solo to the sunglasses store and was captured on surveillance camera walking out with the sunglasses.

He later returned to the store, and was arrested.

While the Vanderpump Rules cameras did not capture the moment he was arrested, they were with his girlfriend and cast mates when they found out they needed to bail him out of jail.

The theft has been a storyline on this season of the Bravo show and some of his friends have accused him of stealing other items previously including a wallet and silverware from Lisa’s restaurant SUR.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3453233/Vanderpump-Rules-star-Jax-Taylor-avoids-jail-copping-plea-stealing-sunglasses-Hawaii-drunk.html#ixzz40YQwtgzf

What a tool!


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  1. When they show scenes of his apartment, it show all stuff he stole from work. Dork! I was hoping they were going to make him a felon, but looks like he avoids it. This kid has like 9 lives of fuck ups. Maybe he’ll fuck up his probation? Here’s hoping! 🙂

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