#BelowDeck Star Kate Chastain’s Reaction to Seeing Former Girlfriend Ro Hernandez in Episode 6

Tuesday’s episode of Below Deck was extra spicy! After the crew was treated to a day off courtesy of Captain Lee lovely Chief Stew Kate Chastain got the surprise of the century when then-girlfriend Ro Hernandez paid a surprise visit to the Valor.



While the love-fest seemed to be strong during filming, Kate and Ro broke up several months ago during an explosive argument resulting in Chastain’s arrest. As a staunch Kate supporter, I’m not going to speculate on the pending legal case. I urge the Below Deck fans to do the same.

How did Kate feel seeing the episode now that she and Ro are no longer together? The feisty blonde (Love her hair this season) had this to say via The Daily Dish:

We’ve heard a lot about Kate Chastain‘s then-girlfriend Ro Hernandez this season ofBelow Deck, and we finally got to meet her during Tuesday night’s episode when she surprised Kate and the rest of the Valor crew on their Scrub Island outing. “I’m really excited that this season my girlfriend at the time came to visit because I think it’s a really good example that sexuality is fluid,” Kate told The Daily Dish prior to the episode airing (clip above). “As far as her coming to visit, I think it was a fun flash in the pan for her.”

Kate confirmed to The Daily Dish last month that she and Ro are no longer dating following the yachtie’s arrest this summer after things allegedly got physical between the two. “I would certainly love to give so much information about my legal issues, but unfortunately, I can’t at this time,” she said. “But I’m looking forward, very much so, to having my day in court.”

But was Kate ready to see herself acting all lovey-dovey with her ex again on Below Deck? “A lot of my friends and family are concerned or caring about how I’m gonna feel viewing my ex on the show,” Kate explained. “But honestly, I think the human body can only tolerate so much pain caused by another person, and I reached that quota about two months ago, so really nothing else can really hurt me anymore.”



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