#RHOC Can They Stay in Ireland? RECAP

Why are we in the 87th season of this shit-show?

rhoc cast

Anyone who believes that the “Real Housewives” franchise is grounded in reality is high. Newest housewife Kelly Dodd is that special blend of white trash reserved in the past for the likes of Brandi Glanville . Kelly has an obvious drinking problem which coincides with her court-documented anger issues. During the cast trip to Ireland Kelly drinks more than the local Irishmen & annoys her cast-mates to the point that they are thrown out of a shoe store ( A fate worse than death to Heather Dubrow) due to their raised voices. Kelly then proceeds to tell Vodka Shannon that she can “see why Tamra’s kids hate her.” Kelly clearly hasn’t gotten the memo that you can’t say anything behind a Housewive’s back or they will tattle on you as fast as they can. Vodka Shannon loves stirring the pot to take the focus away from her marriage and was happy to run to Tamra and tell her what Kelly said about her children. Tamra flips out, screams at Kelly, then out of camera range allegedly hits her.

Tamra Baptism

This is where tonight’s episode picks up.

Meghan volunteers to take Kelly custody because the other ladies would cut that bitch. That means Tamra, Vicki, Heather, and Vodka Shannon all go on a field trip to an Irish Dairy farm. Uh huh. The O.C. “Plastics” are put into Osh Kosh overalls and shown how to milk cows. I was fine watching this cute little activity until Vicki Gunvalson starts making that horrible dry heaving sound she made in Bali when she barfed on the bus. I was enjoying shrimp tacos while watching RHOC  and had to put them in the fridge. Thanks Vicki.

Later Meghan and now sober Kelly all come together for a steak dinner at the Dairy. Kelly decides to apologize for telling Tamra she’s basically a bad mother. Tamra and the other ladies aren’t in a forgiving mood because Kelly does this shit every episode. Kelly keeps trying to kiss Tamra’s ass, but Tamra wants none of it at the dinner. It’s uncomfortable to watch. I wouldn’t forgive Kelly either. She calls someone a cunt at every event and is always a drunken mess. She brings the group down and they need all the class help they can get.

Bike rides for most people are a relaxing way to see the countryside. Unless you are Vicki and hit the curb.

Meghan and Tamra tour the Powerscourt estate where a distant ancestor of Meghan’s haunts the tower. The other ladies sit on the lawn and enjoy a picnic lunch. Champagne and whiskey from Heather’s flask flow during lunch. Should they really be encouraging Kelly Dodd to drink at all? I think it’s bad form. Are the other ladies trying to set her up so that she will not be asked back for a second season? I’m going to say YES!!


During their “last supper” in Ireland Kelly appears to be tipsy still from lunch while chatting with Vicki. Shannon orders Kelly a Tequila and won’t take no for an answer when Kelly twice refuses the alcohol. Vodka Shannon forgets that she’s mic’d, goes into the bar and tells the bartender to make the Tequilas doubles. This is Naked Wasted 2 “The Revenge” and Shannon you are BUSTED. I have never been a Vodka Shannon fan and this proves just how low a bitch can go. She was purposely making Kelly drink to bring out more of her bad behavior.

What transpires next is pure “Mean Girls.” Heather, Tamra, and Shannon all gang up on Kelly Dodd after drinking. Vicki left Kelly back at the hotel so she could go hang with the gang. Tamra sends Kelly a text picture of her and Vicki to rub it in. Vicki repeats gossip from Kelly about Tamra and this leads to a scene in the hotel lobby at 3am. The “ladies” continue their disgusting display in the van taking them to the airport. I’m sure Ireland was happy to be rid of more tacky Americans.

These Housewives are nasty creatures. Heather, Tamra, and Vodka Shannon should all be ashamed of themselves. They have no redeeming qualities shown in them at all this episode. I hope they all watch the show and cringe a bit. Women should be better role models for their families and for one another.



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5 Comments on #RHOC Can They Stay in Ireland? RECAP

  1. kelly told the secret that vicki was holding cause vicki did tell kelly
    Shannon is a drunk
    Kelly said Your a Drunk she called the GreyGooseVokalovinshannon out and they were tryin to set Kelly up Tamara ,Shannon And the snob Heather
    Shannon does not like Kelly why would she hang back with Kelly after knowing Vicki and Heather were annoyed with her and Kelly was pissed that the girls have absolutely No sense of humor I think Shannon was walking with Kelly in hopes of Kelly sayin’ something nasty about Tamra to run and tell her and now we know Meg is that way 2
    I have had friends over the years who had said crap to me and me to them and we didn’t run and stir s#!* we just knew comment was said out of anger,hurt and it was

    Heather should of been mad at Shannon for running to Tamara to start shit and for causing a scene ,Tamara for using violence cause she was totally wasted Kelly was not trashed like Vicki and Tamra and shannon (Heather 2) are victims and innocent NOT they are witches they have their broom sticks stuck so far up their BEEP that they can not have fun with Kelly at Pub Tamara is a Mean Drunk and and Shannon is a Loud Ass Drunk she yells all the time she must have stocks in Grey Goose Voda she probably goes through a bottle a day and probably between her drinking was drinking the booze in the frig at the hotel she probably had them restock every day they stayed there
    I used to like Shannon but since her husband got caught cheating she has been a bitter hag and Yes Shannon is afraid of losing her spot so she has set Kelly up at her 70’s party and found out someone she knew ,knew Kelly,and I am sure that Shannon knew the whole story from Nina I think Shannon just had info fall into her lap at time of party
    Vicki is a POS and it is what it is she won’t change she’d throw her own family under the bus to stay good and try to get back in with the girls she be walkin a thin string that will break
    and she didn’t back kelly up she is not a friend to kelly at all it is all about Vicki
    I just had diarrhea of the mouth I feel lighter already like I took a huge dump FLUSH Oh man it is over flowing hope you get my sense of humor and are not offended BBB

    Liked by 1 person

    • You go Rox, purge that OC right out of your system.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am just sick of people forgetting how Tamara and Vicki have been since show started seriously people like theses people I liked Shannon now can Not stand her now she joined the witches coven
        In My opinion Bravo needs to get rid of all the old ladies the ones who have been on too long not as in age old cause 40 and 50 anymore is not old.
        the only reason I watch some of these shows is I can not find any thing else I want to watch
        Wonder if Stoopidhousewives watches still laughing her A$$ of at what idiots some of them are

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  2. Shannon’s intro makes reference to not being a bitch….has she ever watched herself? And all her Dr. Wangchung new age medicine is NOT working….he’s ripping you off.

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