#BelowDeck Captain Lee and Kelly Johnson Hit The Gym Together!

The tension between Captain Lee Rosbach and Bosun Kelly Johnson has been tense to watch the past several weeks on Below Deck. Kelly isn’t taking the constructive criticism from the Captain in a positive way and applying it to his job performance. Rosbach is a great mentor. If Kelly lets his guard down and admits he still has a lot to learn I see smooth sailing ahead!


On a lighter note….the Daily Dish had this to say about the dynamic sea duo.

Is it just us, or is it kind of hard to tell if Captain Lee Rosbach and Kelley Johnson love or hate each other this season of Below Deck? Captain Lee previously told The Daily Dish that he was “more than willing to give Kelley a second shot” at being a part of his crew after the bosun’s drama-filled first time around in Season 2, but they seem to be butting heads in the most recent episodes of the show.


When The Daily Dish caught up with Kelley, he acknowledged that he and Captain Lee weren’t always able to see eye-to-eye this season. “I think at the beginning, it was a little teeter-totter, and I think as the season got on, we definitely had our lows, but by the end of it I think we were very, very close,” Kelley said.

The two have grown so close after this season of Below Deck that they’re actually gym buddies now. “Even to this day, we’re working out every day together at the gym,” Kelley said. “Every morning at seven o’clock in the morning, we are at the gym.”

And yes, Captain Lee is basically still Kelley’s boss even when they’re on land, with both calling the Fort Lauderdale area home. “I’ve been helping him work out, and I’ve shown him a few things. He’s pretty competent on what he’s doing, but he keeps me in check on making sure that I am there every single morning,” Kelley explained. “If I miss a day, I get the wrath of Captain Lee, and that’s not always fun.”

kj-gym        cl-gym

This camaraderie between Kelley and Captain Lee is a far cry from how these crew members started off in Season 2. “It’s cool to watch how our relationship has changed, though. It’s really cool because there’s a common respect now between us,” Kelley said. “From what I’ve learned throughout the season from him and realizing the big picture at the end of this season, it was really mind-blowing to having go through this experience and look at it from a mature point-of-view instead of, ‘Oh, he’s picking on me’ point-of-view.”

Kelley previously told The Daily Dish that redeeming himself in the eyes of Captain Lee was high on his list of priorities when he returned to Below Deck for Season 4. “Just watching myself, I cringed a lot during Season 2,” Kelley said. “And coming into this season, I just wanted to show [Captain Lee] what I could really do and what other boats had seen me do while I was working on them. I looked up to Captain Lee on Season 2 — it may not have shown through during that season — but I really do look up to Captain Lee, and so earning a good job from him is a very big deal to me.”


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