#BelowDeck : Love is in the Air as the Crew Celebrates Valentine’s Day At Sea

Sorry Kids!

I didn’t do a full-fledged Below Deck recap this week. The episode was all about proposals, flowers, and an engineered date by Kate between Chef Ben Robinson and Stew Emily Warburton-Adams. Why would Kate Chastain set her ex Ben up with one of her crew mates?

Kate just had a romantic encounter of her own when her then-girlfriend Ro Hernandez joined the crew for some fun in the sun, played Cupid during this episode, which took place on Valentine’s Day. After realizing how cute Ben and Emily could be together and finding out that the stewardess had never received a gift of flowers from a man other than her father, Kate got to work trying to bring these two together, first by suggesting Ben give Emily that aforementioned bouquet and then by pumping him up to ask her out on a date.


Prior to the episode airing, Kate explained to The Daily Dish why she wanted love to bloom for Ben and Emily. “This season, I actually tried to facilitate a romance between Emily and Ben as much as possible. I thought they would be perfect together. They’re both British, boarding school background. I know he likes thinner, younger girls, and that’s Emily to a T,” she said. “And also, I thought maybe if Ben got some positive romantic attention from Emily, he wouldn’t be so upset that he wasn’t getting it from me.”

Though the chief stew and chef have their own history together, Kate said that it didn’t bother her to see Ben express his feelings for Emily — or any of their past Below Deckcrewmates, for that matter. “I was never jealous of Ben being in a romantic relationship with any of our crew members, because he does it once a season,” Kate said. “I’m used to it.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Kate’s arrow hit its target. For now, relive the heartwarming moment Ben wooed Emily, below.




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