#BelowDeckMed S2 Premiere Episode Recap 5/3/2017

Last night’s Below Deck Meditteranean premiere party on Twitter was great fun! The entire cast live tweeted and answered questions about the episode. This franchise has everything we need right now. Croatia is stunningly beautiful, the Sirocco is yar, and the new crew has the required format of looks, strength, silliness, inexperience, extensive experience, muscle mass, the ability to drink large quantities of alcohol, and overactive libido that a Bravo series thrive on.

At the beginning of the episode, we are introduced to the crew. My immediate reaction? Do NOT fuck with Captain Sandy Yawn who’s surname needs a re-do. She is the opposite of a sleepy, laid back, lady of the high seas. This woman is fire! There is no job she can’t or won’t do to make her ship find it’s shape. Sure, she may come off as what Kate Chastain refers to as a “macro-manager” and do training exercises with the tender while guests are aboard, but I’d much rather have a Captain behind the wheel of my yacht that is on her game than one who is lackadaisical.  If you need further convincing? She fought off PIRATES. Her new name is Captain Sandy Phillips. Welcome Sandy!

Our lovely Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier is back for the second season. I have tons of respect for both Hannah and Below Deck Chief Stew Kate Chastain. Women who are in charge have to be strong multi-taskers, have great delegating skills, be peace-keepers, towel-folders, expert communicators, and keep a smile plastered on their faces when they want to cut a bitch. Plus they get to do it with cameras in their faces and knives being thrown at their backs. Fun! That’s life on Reality TV deckies. Hannah looks great and her Aussie humor and sarcasm are on full display during her talking head interviews.

Bobby Giancola is also back for a second season. He’s quit the Fire Department and is now focused on yachting and chasing tail full-time. Bobby is going to have a difficult season. First, production hired his ex Lauren Cohen as a Stewardess and second, he’s already got a “Bobby crush” on deckhand Malia White who looks like supermodel Malibu Barbie. Bobby’s penis is already fighting against his brain which makes for good TV. I think we can all see where this is headed. Knowing Bobby he won’t be able to keep his dating past a secret and will tell tales to the crew about Lauren with gory details. Keep your chin up, Lauren. I see a bumpy ride in store for you. Malia is a dark horse, both confident and sexually attractive. The boys on board are going to brawl over her and she won’t give a damn. I like it.

The Below Deck franchise has learned to cast sexy chefs, with the exception of Leon Walker. Our latest kitchen candy is adorable Adam Glick. He exudes the same roguish charm as beloved chef Ben Robinson but has a different approach in the kitchen.

Kitchen blues Adam

I hope we see a tantrum or two because that’s what I expect from the galley. The stress has to be crazy because the entire tip more or less depends on the quality of the food prepared and the way it is served.  My advice? Don’t mess with the chef. New 2nd Stew Christine “Bugsy” Drake was affronted when asked to use post-it notes to keep the client’s orders straight by Chef Adam. I’d be asking for a Percocet to deal with their food issues. When you charter a yacht and are late for lunch because you can’t get off the Stairmaster you might want to reconsider your life choices. Be happy. Have the butter.

Stew musings Hannah skinny guests

Our new crew is rounded out by bosun Wesley Watson who has an adorable Chris Pratt vibe and deckhand Max Hagley. Both boys stayed out of trouble and focused on the job (What a concept!) but if you are a Below Deck Med fan you know that will all go to hell in the episodes to come.

I can’t wait.

Cheers! BBB


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