#belowdeckmed Episode 2 PREVIEW: Deckhand Bobby Giancola On His Relationship With Lauren, Malia, and Hannah Ferrier

Bobby Giancola and stewardess Lauren Cohen are dealing with the “X-Factor” this season. The two briefly dated for a time in between Seasons 1 and 2 of Below Deck Med. Surprisingly, there was no drama between the two of them during the season premiere. In fact, Bobby said he didn’t have a problem working with Lauren at all. “Lauren and I had a little fling in the past, and it ended kind of in a weird way. But we hash it out, and we were friends,” Bobby recently told The Daily Dish. “So working with her, to me, nothing was awkward. Everything was hashed out, and we were friends. So I don’t know if she was awkward in any way, but I was fine.” Uh huh.

Part Pants Bobby G

Of course, Bobby is no stranger to a little flirting while at sea — and the awkwardness that it can bring. He memorably fell for stewardess Julia d’Albert Pusey last season of Below Deck Med, but his love went unrequited. Julia had a boyfriend, and once she realized Bobby had feelings for her, things were never the same between them. “I haven’t talked to Julia at all. She’s still dating her boyfriend, so once it was all over, obviously, I’m not gonna keep prying into that. She lives in London, anyway,” Bobby told The Daily Dish in regard to whether or not the two have kept in touch since last season. “I didn’t want to cause any drama there, so I haven’t spoken to her.”

Coming into this season of Below Deck Med, Bobby said that he wasn’t looking for love; he was just focused on the job. “Coming into this season with romances, I wasn’t looking for one. I just wanted to learn my job better, solidify my job in the career of yachting. But sure enough, there’s gonna be pretty girls on the boat,” Bobby explained. “But that from the get-go got kind of smashed down because of prior relations with somebody else. So the person I was interested in may have worked out or may not have worked out. I guess you just have to watch to find out.”

It looks like there’s going to be a lot of flirting going on among the crew in Tuesday night’s episode at 9/8c, and we’ve got your sneak peek, below. Click Preview to watch 🙂


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