#BelowDeckMed 5/16 RECAP “Chefs, Lies, and FaceTime”

Before I delve into last night’s Below Deck Meditteranean I want to take a moment and a position on Reality TV viewing and Tweeting. For me, it’s all in good fun. You have to possess a certain sense of humor and viewer enjoyment to watch and critique BravoTV. My fellow bloggers and I promote these shows and add to the audience participation/ratings by live-Tweeting and writing recaps. It’s not meant to be dark and sinister. ( We aren’t doing espionage here people! ) What we do offer is an immediate, honest, gut reaction to what we see. Most Reality TV stars understand and appreciate the importance of an audience reaction. Some clearly don’t. As a blogger, I have no ulterior motives. It’s just me and my twisted humor. Love me, hate me, ignore me, or block my shocking memes on Twitter – that’s up to you. I’ll still be here with the truth and dark humor. That’s why I chose the name #BitchByBravo

Moving on……

Carrying over from last week’s episode, we open with the rehashing of Bobby Giancola vs The Stewardesses.

Bobby is convinced that Hannah is cock-blocking him with Malia due to jealousy because they kissed? And that she ruined things for him and Lauren Cohen in NYC last year? That’s Bobby logic 101. Bobby’s real source of anger is in the fact that Lauren better-dealed him in Florida for Chef Ben Robinson! His temper goes from zero to needs incarceration in less than 30 seconds. He doesn’t listen to Hannah’s response to his accusations, convinced instead she’s running a Trump-like conspiracy behind his back thus ruining his attempts to seduce Malia. Bobby also gossips about Lauren to the male deckhands about his sexual relationship with her so why be angry if the women do the same? Plus, his rage is misplaced. He should place the blame squarely on his shoulders for bringing 2 additional girls on a date with him and Lauren in NYC at WWHL.  Meanwhile, his workplace conduct towards Lauren could be construed as bullying/sexual harassment and his cursing at Hannah insubordination, so I’d let this go NOW if I were Bob. Lauren alerted supervisor Hannah to her plight with Bobby’s treatment which is step 1 in any workplace resolution. I have a feeling this is going to elevate instead of dissipating. He’s now got 2 out of 3 Stewardesses at odds with him and his reckless behavior. Rough seas ahead…..


You can judge who’s at fault from this Bravo clip >>


This troubled triangle with  Bobby, Hannah, and Lauren gets more interesting when we see Lauren Cohen face timing with Below Deck’s favorite chef-lothario Ben Robinson! Ben spoke to Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish about his relationship with Lauren and with current flame Emily Warburton-Adams.

Ben Robinson may not be in the galley this season of Below Deck Mediterranean, but that doesn’t mean he’s still not a part of the drama. We just found out that stewardess Lauren Cohen hooked up with Ben before the charter season began.

That revelation may have had some Below Deck fans scratching their heads. That’s because Ben memorably hit it off with stewardess Emily Warburton-Adams last season of Below Deck, and the two are still together today.

Emily also stood by her man on Twitter. “Heads up! @BenRobinsonChef & I were on hiatus here,” she tweeted. “He wasn’t being a naughty boy.”

Lauren also tweeted that Ben did not have a girlfriend when she met him or when she Facetimed him on Below Deck Med. She also explained how she got to know Ben before this season of Below Deck Med began in a blog post on Bravotv.com. “Before I decided to join Sirocco, I had met Ben out in Fort Lauderdale and we began seriously dating over time. When I made the decision to do a season in the Med, Ben and I mutually decided it would be best for me to do the season single,” Lauren clarified. “We still remained friends and spoke frequently throughout the season.”

As for whether Lauren and Ben keep in touch today, she told Bravotv.com that they “don’t speak at all.”

Both Lauren and Emily are lucky girls! I love Chef Ben 😉


This week our guests included more skinny bitches. (Poor Chef Adam Glick can not catch a cuisine break!) However, we saw way too much evidence of their fitness dedication. Below Deck Med went full-frontal as the team from the Naked News chartered the boat for a “broadcast.” I was watching dinner enjoying my shrimp tacos until faced with bare vag. I’m no prude, but really? Are we trying to increase male viewership Bravo? The sight of bad boob jobs and Brazillian waxed coochies ruined Taco Tuesday for this Bitch. Poor Bugsy had it far worse with hot tub lady parts up in her face! Thank God for disposable latex gloves….

Naked news clip >http://www.bravotv.com/below-deck-mediterranean/season-2/episode-3/videos/the-naked-news-comes-to-belowdeckmed#


Last week Captain Sandy Yawn was dismayed to find Bobby Giancola had dumped every link of the anchor into the sea leaving the Sirocco held by bare cable. This is a huge mistake. It could cause the cable to snap and the yacht to crash into Croation rocks with a full crew and guests aboard. Kinda like the Titanic without the iceberg. Bobby boasted in his talking head interview that he was the most experienced deck hand and would help teach the others his mad skills. A dangerous moment of bragging to his Bosun and the Captain could have had tragic results. Luckily, the skills of Captain Sandy saved the day. More training (like basic math) is needed immediately to avoid future consequences. Captain Sandy is a great teacher and the deck hands are lucky to have her.

At this point during the show, My viewing pleasure was disrupted by a series of angry tweets from Bobby Giancola below


My responses are still on my Twitter feed. I have deleted nothing @BitchByBravo

Sorry I didn’t get the last few scenes.

Also my sincere condolences to Bugsy Drake on the loss of her Grandmother. May she rest in peace.




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