#SouthernCharm RECAP: Kathryn’s Triumphant Return! 6/5/2017


Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn C. Dennis had a semi-awkward reunion at son Saint’s 1st Birthday party. It’s wonderful that the dysfunctional duo was able to put aside pettiness for the children’s sake. Kathryn has come a long way. She looked healthy and beautiful. Thomas was tongue-tied and nervous. More like a teenager on a first date than the 50-year-old lothario he usually portrays.


90% of the cast were there to witness the anticipated meeting between the two volatile ex-lovers. Flipper (Landon Clements) was excluded so Rhett and Scarlett could have a chance at peace. Unfortunately, Patricia Altschul and her side-kick Cameran’s cattiness were ever present. Miss Manners left her stinky dog caftan in the closet but brought her silicone tightened mouth which couldn’t resist slamming Kathryn in the chauffeured car ride. How classy of Pat to make mention that Saint’s mother had to be invited to her own son’s party. The nasty old bitch didn’t even acknowledge Kathryn after arriving! Manners and elegance never go out of style. Too bad Altschul has neither.

Whitneys Surrogate

Kathryn made it through the party on her best behavior. How unfortunate that the producers of Southern Charm are setting her up for a big fall. When Ms. Dennis finds out about the Trav/Flipper showmance that will inevitably be thrown in her face will she be able to retain her sobriety?


We are treated to more engineered showmance than one can stomach this episode. It’s important for Flipper and Thomas to be together since her eggs are dying from alcohol poisoning and if she doesn’t have a storyline she will soon be beached. Thomas is complicit so he can piss Kathryn off and make her jealous. Pat “The Pope” Altschul has blessed the union by creating a bedazzled caftan of the pair for Landon to wear to bed. She’s branched out from dogs in honor of the most mismatched pair since Charles and Diana.

Flipper and Thomas’s dinner date was hysterical. Our quivering finned female drank like a fish slurring or laughing her way through her liquid dinner. Thomas tried to carry the conversation inserting uncomfortable sexual innuendo that nobody bought. Mounting a drunk dolphin wasn’t even appealing to T-Rav. Production paying a restaurant patron to invoke the “soulmate” comment was inane. Flipper turning down a chance to be Mrs. Ravenal was hysterical. Pat the Pope must have told her to try playing hard to get. With eggs dying in her womb at dinner Landon could barely contain herself. I’m grateful that we didn’t see an attempted seduction by Thomas. He would have needed a Viagra shot to get that done. Later in the episode, T-Rav asks advice from The Pope about Flipper. She suggests “wooing.” I suggest whistling. That’s all it takes for Flipper and her quivering fin to be bred.

In the same episode, we are treated to more Craig and Naomie fighting, Cameran on the psychiatrist’s couch, and Sheppy getting his hair cut by Chelsea. I speak for many Southern Charm fans when I state there was far too little Shep Rose tonight. Getting #SheppedAway is why we tune in! I don’t want to see him the morning after getting his ass chewed by Cameran’s desire for a commission. I’d rather watch him being a bad boy! A bad boy who needs a spanky 🙂

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