#RHONY Jill Zarin’s Desperation Move-Make Countess Luann Film With Her During Wedding Week!

Jill Zarin is desperate to get back on #RHONY

We are desperate to keep her in Florida with “Bawwwwby.”

She gave the following interview to Bravo TV’s Daily Dish.

Jill Zarin Fantasy


OG Housewife Jill Zarin made her comeback to The Real Housewives of New York City in honor of Luann D’Agostino‘s wedding — and the world couldn’t have been more excited. And by the world, we mean Bravo HQ. It’s literally been buzzing with people saying, “Bobby!” ever since we saw her appear in the Season 9 trailer.

Before her appearance, The Daily Dish Podcast hosts Rachael and Megan sat down with the tennis player to discuss everything from life after Housewives to what she thought about Luann’s relationship with Tom when the cameras are off.

“Luann is Teflon,” Jill said, in reference to the cheating allegations that have been lobbed at Tom, and that now-infamous textlast year in Miami. “She’s Teflon, and you know what? She loves Tom and she realizes that this man has been single for 49 years. Never married, no kids, and with that comes some baggage and she’s practical the way I am. I would agree with everything so far that she’s done or handled. I would never break up with a man over one kiss or one thing like that.” The former Housewife continued that without the show, maybe Luann would have been in ignorant bliss walking down the aisle. “I was thinking that if it wasn’t on a reality show that maybe she wouldn’t have known some of the things that came out and sometimes what you don’t know won’t hurt you.”

Either way, Jill confirmed that what Luann has shouted from the rooftops for months is absolutely true: these two are in L-O-V-E. “I definitely think they love each other I mean, I’ve been with them obviously alone — I’m never with cameras, you know? I’m with her in her real life and they are so in love and lovey dovey. They’re in the phase you’re supposed to be in when you’ve been together a year or two. When you’re together for 20 years I don’t expect it.” She then regaled our hosts with a story of the two insisting on sitting next to one another at her dinner party in Florida — where Jill now has a home as well — because they are just so head over heels. “They want to sit together because they both work, they both have careers so they don’t always see each other. That kind of thing. So I thought that was sweet.”

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