#BelowDeckMed RECAP Chef Adam Gets Caught Lying to Captain Sandy as His Recipes Don’t Chive with the Guests!

Hello Bitchlets!!

Another week, another onion controversy. Bobby Giancola must be Envisiligning his big teeth with glee since he’s out of the hot seat and Chef Adam is in. I’m not sure what motivated Chef Adam Glick’s behavior during what should have been an easy charter. The guests contain a blood alcohol level of 99.9% and don’t have 5-star taste preferences. All they want to do is spend their “new money” by partying on a yacht and enjoying themselves with one tiny request-NO ONIONS.

Onions and tip

In Last week’s episode, Adam decided to go against the client’s preference sheet and include 2-types of onions in their dinner which then had to be sent back to the kitchen twice. Remember, these people pay above $100,000 to be pampered in luxury for a 3-day excursion in Croatia. For some reason, Adam feels he knows better than the clients. This is the wrong attitude to have for a chef in the service industry. You know the old saying,”The customer is always right?” That should be everyone’s mantra on board a yacht. You are there at the beck and call of the client. Period.

chef knows best

So what does Adam do? He puts chopped onion in the client’s food AGAIN in this episode as a passive aggressive dick move.

oniongate 2.0

Adam takes the primary guest’s complaints out on Hannah. He belittles her in front of Bugsy telling her “Maybe Bugsy should be the Chief Stew?” when a ferry is late to transport his client luncheon. What is really driving Adam’s creativity is one thing: Malia. Malia is the focus of Adam’s charm and attention, not Kenny the client.

Barbie and ken

After Kenny’s party enjoys Adam’s beach picnic (onion-free) he grabs Malia to go for a walk up the waterfall. She’s being pulled in 2 different directions liking both our Chef and adorable Wesley Walton the bosun. Malia should bottle her sweat and make a few million. Her scent literally has the entire male population running after her like boy bitches in heat.

Back at the boat Bugsy and Adam are discussing the client’s dinner. She makes a joke that he should just make everything they hate followed by a quick “just kidding!” Adam, however, thinks it’s a great idea and decides to make lentil soup WITH ONIONS. WTF????


The guests are super appreciative of the table settings and service they are getting from the Stews. Lentil soup as a starter was suspected by the group to contain onions. Kenny wasn’t thrilled but didn’t complain. Rack of lamb and Salmon are the main course, but the guests are still conversing about onions in the soup.


While dinner is served Wesley takes Malia for a romantic walk.  Max pulls Bobby aside and tells him Malia might have considered him as date potential if it weren’t for Lauren. In Bobby’s brain, this means he’s in the running to win her too! She’s not a toy to be pulled into pieces by 3 angry dogs! Bobby confronts Malia on the morning of departure and tries to stake his claim on the poor girl. She gives him the friend-zone speech, but he has no game and thinks marriage is just around the corner. So sad. Are we on “The Love Boat” or “Fantasy Island?”

delusions by bravo

While the guests are enjoying breakfast they comment again on the food service being just ok. Why shouldn’t eggs be served as a rule? Their needs and expectations should be met and then some. Adam seems checked out and the guests are fully aware. He doesn’t even bother to wear his uniform! Malia, however, is given 5-star service and spinach in her omelet. Adam’s priorities put Malia at the top of the food chain. Too bad he isn’t paid to service her.

Day 3 of the charter includes the hilarious obstacle course that the guests have rigged! These people are insanely fun and having the time of their lives. Captain Sandy is having a blast watching the competition until she hears the primary diss Adam’s cooking.  Kenny states,”Everythings great, makes up for the ONION IN MY FOOD.” You know Captain Sandy is not going to let this go….

After the obstacle course guests sit down to lunch they give Bugsy Drake an earful about the “onion soup from last night’s dinner.” Kenny can’t believe that the chef would ignore his single basic request of NO ONIONS. Frankly, neither can we. Is he trying to screw the tip?


Inside the kitchen, Adam continues to poke at Hannah. Captain Sandy walks in and asks Adam straight-up if he’s putting onions in the guest’s food. Taken off guard Adam lies to Sandy about how many times he actually put the objectionable vegetable in his recipes. Hannah gets another complaint from the guests during lunch about the onions in last night’s soup and confronts Adam. He admits to her that he did it and thought it was funny. Hannah informs Adam she just tries to give the guests what they want and Adam replies,”What’s that a resting bitch face?” WTF??? Unfortunately, Captain Sandy walks in and hears Adam’s comments to Hannah. She is not a happy Captain, nor is the crew who have caught the aroma of Adam’s onion antics. Adam gives a quick “I’m sorry” and gets a direct order from Sandy to use no more onions. Did we seriously need to get to this place? Hell no! Unacceptable passive aggressive behavior.

Hannah informs Captain Sandy privately about Adam’s disrespect and him putting onions in the guest’s food several times on purpose “for fun.”  Luckily it’s anchors up and time for this charter to be over. When Malia hears of Adam’s behavior she isn’t amused. As the clients depart they have choice words for everyone, except Adam. He’s scolded for his onion usage and how bad the breakfast service was. During the staff tip meeting, Sandy puts it all on the table with Adam. He finally cops to “adding onions out of spite.” The tip isn’t affected and they get $20,000. Sandy wants to fire the chef but struggles because she won’t be able to find another chef during the season. She gives him one more chance and is going to be on him like ketchup on fries.

The crew goes out to party. Adam offers up an apology and his share of the tip to make up for his behavior. I suggested that on Twitter last night and was pleased to see Chef Adam do that for the crew. They refused it but respected the gesture. Adam decides to go back to the yacht and sort out his feelings & behavior. Malia runs after him to make sure he’s ok, but in the process may have ruined her chances with Wesley.

This franchise is sounding more like “The Young and the Restless” instead of Below Deck Med! Next week is a fresh start for the yachties with new clients and no onions!

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