#BelowDeckMed Why Didn’t Captain Sandy Fire Chef Adam Glick? The Answer to Tuesday’s Most Asked Question on Twitter Here!

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Chef Adam Glick came this close to getting fired on Below Deck Mediterranean Tuesday night after preparing dishes with onions in them — not once but three times — despite the guests’ wishes. But Captain Sandy Yawn decided to keep the chef afloat and give him another chance, instead of firing him as he anticipated. “I want to fire Adam, but I can’t find a chef mid-season in Croatia,” Captain Sandy gave as her reason for keeping Adam on during the episode.

But upon watching the show back and seeing just how many times Adam disobeyed the guests’ preference sheets, Captain Sandy changed her tune a little. “In all fairness, I had no idea it was three times. I only knew about twice,” Captain Sandy explained on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Tuesday night. “So the third time I would have fired Adam. I had no idea until I watched the show.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Captain Sandy regrets her decision. She said on WWHL that she didn’t let Adam go “because the guy that I saw every morning was really cool, seemed to be on his game, I had no idea he had this other side to him.” She also told Andy that Adam is “a good chef.”

Captain Sandy had some harsh words for Hannah Ferrier during the WWHL After Show when she was asked for her take on the chief stew seeming to blame Bugsy Drake for Adam suggesting that she should actually be running the interior. “That’s a question for Hannah. However, what do I think of it? I think Hannah was wrong. It wasn’t Bugsy; it was Adam. She witnessed it,” Captain Sandy said. “You were wrong, Hannah, sorry.”

But at least it looks like some peace has been reached when it comes to the so-called Oniongate. Charter guest Kenny Novotny tweeted that he forgives Adam for putting all those dreaded onions in his food, and the Below Deck Med chef returned the love on Twitter, too. “Thank you, Kenny. I lost my cool and went down a rough road, being an ass,” Adam tweeted. “I’m sorry, lesson definitely learned.”

For the record, Chef Adam Glick has yet to respond with his side of the story. Fans are wondering what made him so angry at this particular request? Adam if you are reading I’d be happy to get your thoughts and mindset at the time.

Until then!

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2 Comments on #BelowDeckMed Why Didn’t Captain Sandy Fire Chef Adam Glick? The Answer to Tuesday’s Most Asked Question on Twitter Here!

  1. You’re wrong, Sandy. Sorry. At first I too thought it was just Adam and his “Bugsy should be the chief stew” comment. But then I realized that Bugs herself was acting like she thought the same thing, she just wasn’t saying it outright to Hannah’s face. Bugs confirmed this herself when she said “I may be thinking it but I didn’t say it.” Well, you just said it Bugs, even if in a roundabout way behind Hannah’s back. And she said plenty of other things, criticizing every move Hannah made no matter what she did to the point of contradicting herself. It was Bugs who asked Hannah if she could say some things to Lauren. When Hannah heard the seriousness of the conversation, she gets involved. Then Bugs is angry because “after she put me in charge of Lauren she comes riding in and it’s like a slap in the face. And it’s her responsibility to do it in the first place.” So Bugs is angry Hanna shouldered her responsibility as Chief Stew to talk to Lauren, yet is also angry Hannah didn’t let Bugs shoulder the responsibility alone because she asked if she could say a few things. (Which isn’t the same at all as Hannah “putting Bugs in charge”.) So either way, if Hannah did talk to Lauren as well or if she let Bugs talk to her alone, Bugs would criticize her behind her back. And it was constant to the point Bugs’s middle name should be When I Was Chief Stew. So Hannah was correct, Bugs was stabbing her in the back from the start. It wasn’t just Adam. I don’t know how Hannah knew because they don’t show us 24/7, or maybe it was intuition, but Hannah knew Bugs was gunning for her and she was very very right.

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    • I’m super disappointed in #Medbugs too. I loved her at the beginning, but when her manipulations to discredit Hannah for her own gain began I cut it off. This cast is thirsty for Reality TV fame. Captain Sandy is nowhere to be found so how can she see what’s happening with the interior or her deck hands.


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