#SouthernCharm FINALE: Will Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Resume Their Affair? Musings and Misgivings Before The Reunion Airs.


#SouthernCharm fans got a treat Monday night! The Season 4 cliffhanger left the audience wondering “will they or won’t they?” hook up again. Kathryn Dennis whispered to Thomas Ravenel,”I want to kiss you” while the over 50 bachelor made unique grunting sounds as he hugged the fiery redhead. Clearly, there is still a lot of mutual attraction and passion there. Thomas just came off of a serious mistake in judgment with Landphibian the quivering dolphin.


Kathryn Dennis is working on her sobriety. The rest remains to be seen. Check out the clip featuring a grunting Ravenel below:


In the last few moments of the finale, Kathryn confesses to a shocked Thomas that she will always love him. He can barely contain himself or his hands! For Thomas to continue to deny his feelings is a bit silly. Kathryn Dennis has something that he can’t get out of his system. It’s actually very telling to watch Ravenel’s reaction to Kathryn and the reactions of the cast in the room to the couple.


Catch up with Kathryn Dennis’s life after rehab in Charleston!


On #WWHL Monday night after the finale episode Thomas Ravenel was asked if he would ever marry Kathryn Dennis? Here’s his response:

“I don’t think so i just think, again, I’ve said this innumerable times, the age difference is so great,” he said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday night. “It’s like my preacher told me, and he was a sex therapist, ’cause he said, ‘Look, things are going great now but in 15 years, you know, how much Viagra am I gonna have to buy?’ It’s gonna get expensive.”While Thomas tried to downplay their rumored smooch, he did own up to the fact that there is still something between them. “There is; it’s palpable,” he said. And for anyone wondering whether the twosome remain in a better place, he confirmed that things are currently good between them, even if he doesn’t feel something bigger for them in the future. “My relationship with Kathryn has gotten a lot better,” he said. “We communicate. We’re civil. We’re cordial to each other. There’s no animosity.”

His biggest concern was the Viagra bill? That wasn’t a no!!

My heart goes out to Miss Scarlett KCD as she works on sober living and rebuilding her life. Let’s hope there is more time with her kids in the near future and a cordial relationship with Thomas Ravenel. The finale episode showed a few moments of the #SouthernCharm Reunion and it didn’t look good for Kathryn. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her. Let’s hope if there are stumbles or relapses she has the strength and courage to keep trying! Both Kenzie and Saint need their mama healthy.

Until the Reunion!

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