BravoTV #DailyDish : Bugsy Drake “Will NOT Apologize For A Single Solitary Thing Regarding Hannah Ferrier Texting with a Charter Guest!”

Tuesday’s #BelowDeckMed was easily the ugliest of the season and perhaps in the history of the franchise. Bugsy Drake discovered the Sirocco’s Ipad was still logged into the last charter guest’s private email account. Bugsy read Jason Ziegler’s private messages then decided to share them with the entire crew. The messages showed that Hannah Ferrier was texting back and forth with Jason.

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The fallout on social media was instantaneous. Drake responded on Instagram:bd4

Several hours later she changed her tune regarding the incident. My guess is Captain Sandy or BravoPR had a chat with the blonde former Chief Stew.

(Via Daily Dish


Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier opened up in an interview with about the incident

Hannah recently told that she couldn’t believe that Bugsy would do such a thing. “To be honest I was in a bit of shock. I can’t really imagine reading someone else’s texts – let alone a primary charter guest!” Hannah said. “It’s obviously a massive invasion of my privacy, but I was so embarrassed that I was going to have to tell Jason that the crew had been reading his personal text messages for 10 hours. If they read those texts, what else did they look at on his phone?! All texts were sent after he left the boat so he had done nothing wrong.” 

In fact, Hannah shared that she and Jason now “message daily (except now it’s just the two of us reading them).” 

I’ve enjoyed Captain Sandy Yawn and Bugsy Drake this season and have loved connecting with them both on social media. What I’m seeing now bothers me as a fan of the show and of the RealityTV genre in general. Tuesday’s episode looked incredibly staged, calculated, and manufactured by production and the cast to “create drama” for ratings. Social media now has split #BelowDeckMed camps. Creating teams is about being inclusive, not divisive. Perhaps Bugsy is Captain Sandy’s favorite on and off camera? As a viewer, I shouldn’t see that reflected on social media or in comments to

Both Bugsy and Hannah made huge mistakes this week on #belowdeckmed

Let’s treat them equally. Nuff said!



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