#SouthernCharm The Dolphin Speaks! Landon Clements on Why Her Fin Quivers & How “Others” Wanted A Ravenel/Flipper Romance….


#SouthernCharm needs a revamped cast! The most-hated woman on BravoTV.com is easily too by far the most annoying. Landphibian Clements will lie, cheat, steal, or manufacture a romance with Thomas Ravenel to remain on RealityTV. She’s been bad-mouthing Kathryn Calhoun-Dennis for 4 seasons, then kissed her ass claiming it was Ravenel’s fault when “confronting” her live. Shep Rose calling Landfill out for her “Pat Altschul” type behaviour was the highlight of season 5 for me. If you want to call yourself upper-crust and put on airs at least have a modicum of success to back it up with. Not some idiotic travel blog who’s domain name wasn’t checked before you spent half the season talking about it.

Class by Bravo

For Landphibian’s comments about Thomas Ravenel click below!



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2 Comments on #SouthernCharm The Dolphin Speaks! Landon Clements on Why Her Fin Quivers & How “Others” Wanted A Ravenel/Flipper Romance….

  1. roxmissmist // July 4, 2017 at 4:19 pm // Reply

    Watch what happens live a called ,called Fake Landan out and said she is a gold digger I LMAO that was what I have thought of Landan since she came on the show and she has that sweet voice that grates on my nerves

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    • She’s a major opportunist. No problem with that unless you give yourself airs & act like a silver spoon was inserted to your mouth at birth. #Landphibian has no chill. She’s unauthentic and desperate.


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