#BelowDeckMed RECAP: 10 Reasons Why This Crew Has “Screwed The Pooch”

Yes, I am quoting Captain Lee Rosbach in the title of this week’s #belowdeckmed recap. Why you ask? Because I see what he sees. Watching the original franchise gives you a benchmark to judge how a good crew should behave and operate. The Med crop is literally falling apart over one deckhand’s magical vagina and a 2nd Stew wanting to be Chief.


Back up these claims, you say? Absolutely!

Scroll down for the BBB top 10 crew moments that deserve a one-way plane ticket to Oklahoma.

10.  Anchor Issues 5.0……Is Croatia this hard on 2 anchors? Does the yacht have inferior equipment for its size?  There has never been a single anchor problem in any other season of the entire #BelowDeck franchise! Why is the Sirocco different? Hmmmmmm? Maybe it’s because the deckhands are making out during anchor watch while Captain Sandy is fast asleep?


9. Adam’s Bipolar Disorder….Chef Adam Glick’s moods change with the tide as does his performance in the kitchen. He can pull off a 7-course Tequila tasting menu with a sparkling clean apron, or Snickerdoodles, Onions, and a 3-day beard. He should have gotten his Below Deck Meds changed before stepping on board.


8. Wesley Walton ignoring Bobby Giancola’s senior status as a deckhand and promoting Malibu Malia because she gave him a Bosun Boner is a lawsuit in the making……..


7.  Malia White and her Magical Vagina caused a testosterone & booze fueled fight between Chef Adam and Bosun Wesley.  Her defense of “I can’t help it if I’m pretty” isn’t true anymore. Pretty is as pretty does and this situation she created is pretty ugly.

Barbie and ken

6. Creating teams, backstabbing, and dividing the crew’s loyalties begins with Bugsy Drake. “When I was a Chief Stew” MedBugs has shown her true colors. Bad mouthing her manager Hannah Ferrier shows a complete lack of professionalism that wouldn’t be tolerated in any workplace environment outside of BravoTV.

master plans

5. Malia White schooling ANYONE on being professional made for hilarity on Twitter. This girl next door who’s “one of the guys” spread herself thin before boarding the Sirocco. Chef Adam has the texts to prove that he and White had a sexual relationship before departure and she lied about it to the crew.

bless her heart


4. Hannah Kissed a Guest……MedBugs looses her mind. Hannah tells Captain Sandy and takes her punishment. She gets a pass because there is no show without her and she’s human.

dating game

3. Bobby Loses His Mind………..Over rumours, the voices in his head told him were true about Hannah Ferrier gossiping. They seemed so real that he barged into the bathroom while Hannah was using the toilet and screamed at her like a banshee. Some would call that “roid rage” I call it Malia frustration needing ejaculation.


2. Bugsy Spreads a Client’s Private Messages………first to Booby, then systematically to every member of the crew. Her only motivation? Make Hannah Ferrier look bad so she could get her job. The audience wasn’t amused. MedBugs played Booby like a violin using him to help get the dirty work done. But the plan backfired. The audience isn’t stupid, but some overly produced dirty tricks are. Hannah kissed a guest and we liked it!


Then after Twitter unloaded on her………


#1 Reason Below Deck Meddies “Screwed the Pooch?” 


twit war

This crew should be focused on the guests – period. Instead, it has become a posse of gossipy girls, horny deckhands, and chefs driven to madness over a magical vagina fighting on social media. Instead of hiring publicists and buying Instagram followers deckies, maybe focus on the jobs you were hired for? The professionals like Hannah Ferrier, Kate Chastain, and Captain Lee get hired back by production for a reason. They are doing the job well, not trying to become Reality TV stars. Nuff said.


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3 Comments on #BelowDeckMed RECAP: 10 Reasons Why This Crew Has “Screwed The Pooch”

  1. roxmissmist // July 20, 2017 at 12:11 am // Reply

    Capt Lee said he is coming back he posted on Twitter his show is the only good 1 but he has to include Ben hint hint

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  2. Nailed it on all ten counts! I can understand people being human and letting their feelings lead them astray. What I can’t understand is attacking and judging other people for being human to distract from and deny their own mistakes. Even Wes did it, and I really liked him, thinking he was a good guy. But he tweeted “kissing a guest is a dismissible offense whereas the yacht is our home and relationships happen.” Really Wes? The bridge during anchor watch is your home? And playing two co-workers is a relationship? And Malia trying to excuse all her bad behavior by playing the “it was my first season as a yachtie” card. What does making out with and stringing along two co-workers, kissing a co-worker in a work area while on duty, or lying about a previous involvement have to do with being a yachtie? Those are bad things to do in any situation, no matter what your job is. And she’s 26, not 16. Yet they keep accusing Hannah of being unprofessional when Hannah owned up to her mistake. I would’ve forgiven Wes and Malia for being human and making mistakes, but I can’t forgive them for lapidating Hannah from their glass house. Geez, and Bugsy! “I’m here to be your second” until your back is turned then I’m going to fabricate any pretext to stab you and if I do actually catch you doing anything wrong I will do crap ten times more wrong to milk it way beyond what it’s worth. Wow, I’ve written all that and I could keep going for ages! I haven’t even mentioned Adam, Bobby or Max yet!

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