#BelowDeckMed PREVIEW: Bobby Giancola’s Junk Lands Him in Hot Water with Primary Guest Jerry Thibeau

New clips have emerged from next week’s season finale of #BelowDeckMed and it’s no surprise that Bobby Giancola’s penis is involved. His junk, impulse control issues, overall professionalism, and explosive temperament are hindering the affable deckhand’s ability to become a Captain or to be taken into serious consideration as a candidate.

I always like Giancola and we followed each other on Twitter until his #WWHL meltdown. He was goofy, humble, sweet, and had great abs. The abs are still there, but Bobby tarnished himself when he railed against Hannah Ferrier in an all-out live TV attack, and again after she kissed a guest. He’s now defending his own behavior after pursuing a relationship with another primary client’s arm candy during business hours. Making-out on a jet ski with cameras rolling, Bobby’s junk is clearly in the driver’s seat. So how does he condone the hypocrisy?


He sounds like he’s being coached by Kellyanne Conway trying to pivot off the truth and into alternative facts territory. I miss the old Bobby. The one who wasn’t manipulated by #MedBugs and Malia into becoming a part of a sabotage clique against Hannah. That strategy hasn’t worked out well for any of the members, has it?


Next week’s episode will be a whopper. Primary guest Jerry Thibeau isn’t happy when the Instagram models he booked for the charter have left him high and dry. It appears Bobby was put in charge of taking the ladies to shore for shopping and used the time instead to focus on his Tinder date. Remember what I said about Bobby’s poor impulse control above? The fallout is going to be volcanic. Still hoping for a goofball Giancola to make a comeback, but doesn’t look like it will happen before the season ends.

Enjoy the preview clip here: http://www.bravotv.com/below-deck-mediterranean/season-2/episode-14/videos/bobbys-in-hot-water#

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  1. Can’t wait to see some much-deserved karma!

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