Bitch By Bravo


I hope you enjoy the opinions and humor! It might not be your cup of tea, but I bet you’ll enjoy taking a sip!

A big “Thank-you” to the wildly entertaining “Stoopid Housewives”  who suggested I first write items for her.

Inspiration continues to influence this Gemini Scorpio Rising woman to take detours in subject matter and format. Short stories and poetry forays are on the horizon….

Thanks for reading~B3

10 Comments on Bitch By Bravo

  1. Such innocent fun. So many witty people. lol.


  2. A few comments about last night.
    Moisture on a deck in Alaska. Who knew?
    Why does he call his dinghy a death trap before they load the oil drums onto it?
    They had two “close calls” and Billy said “everything is on the line SIX TIMES.
    When Noah goes to meet his girlfriend he says he can’t fail and is it fricking snowing? Yes, you witless jack-ass it snows in Alaska. Speaking of snow, they show a blizzard, but when they pan back to the dinghy there is no snow. Oops!
    Swells? There are bigger swells in a Disney World Hotel pool. the douche says that he has never met anyone who “has an intellect to meet my own.”
    ( he can’t even say that correctly)
    Ami gets teared up at Noah going on a second date. Will she shit herself at the wedding if he marries?

    Billy uses the word dangerous 7 times.
    Matt is wounded by a 600lb. drum, but then he leaps onto the dinghy like an acrobat
    On their perilous and dangerous journey on their skiff they don’t see that the weather can change rapidly, so they don’t bring a simple compass so they can find there way back.
    Billy says the word “safe” 7 times.
    The snow vanishes the moment they step on the ship.
    Does Noah have a boner on his date or am I seeing things.
    The entire boat is rotted through and through. Ami the great boat inspector failed to notice this when they bought it as she is the expert on boat seaworthiness.
    Billy says “business takes off” 4 times.
    Mongoloid Noah says soul mates don’t break each others hearts and spits out that she has the audacity to go to college to his mother.
    He writes the worst poem ever.
    “grandbabies” said five times.
    I just realized that Billy has a smokers cough. He’s got money for smokes, but none for a wood stove.
    Before he shakes that guy Jim’s hand, he wipes the snot off his nose with the same hand.

    That’s all I got. I’m home with a sore throat, and I just can’t bring myself to pay 100 bucks for that stupid freaking book. I’m going to check the public library system. Where, Ms. Bitch, may I find the twitter feed of funny remarks. I am twitter illiterate.
    Thank you and have a good day.


    • You need to plot out an hour or so before reading last night’s thread on twitter. Go to hashtag #AlaskanBushPeople #BB20 it was insane picking winners, took hours…….I did post a recap about last night’s episode a few minutes ago. Too tired for a full one 🙂 xoxo


  3. Too bad Ms. Stoopid is on vacation (for us) because her recaps crack me up. So do yours. this is from the back of the Book

    :Now in his fifties, Billy Brown sits in a cabin he and his family built deep in the wilderness of Alaska. He still has a child-like twinkle in his eyes when he talks of the dreams that he and his wife Ami lived in three decades of living in the Last Frontier.
    In this book Billy tells the fantastic true story before he finds his Ami and before they found Alaska.
    At sixteen years old living a fairytale life in an affluent suburb of Ft. Worth, with a loving Mom Dad and sister Billy woke one morning finding himself a penniless orphan becoming a ward of the Texas court.

    (This is so poorly written he must have written it himself. )

    Over the next decade of his life this book takes you on his search to find himself and what he lost, in a blind pursuit to recapture what he had as a child. it unfolds into an adventure (it with a lower case i) few could even imagine. Through darkness and light, crossroads, choices made and the consequences of those choices. From a castle to a tropical beach, to Canada and Alaska. FROM PRIVILEGE TO A DRUG CARTEL. From lost and alone to loved and secure.

    This is a story of dreams, adventure and the proof that no matter how dark one’s life becomes one can be saved and dreams can come true.

    All Billy requested that his biography reflect that he is “an author” but first and foremost he wants it known that he is a loving husband and father.

    ~ none of the grammatical errors are mine. Billy Bob is a moron.


  4. says so on the book jacket on the back. For some reason I can’t copy and paste the image here. I’m sleepy, will try again tomorrow. Also have a few comments about tonight’s episode.

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  5. This is the price on Amazon today. Notice the new version has almost tripled in price.
    1 Used from $54.49 1 New from $208.06

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